Spanish Scammers Target Spain's Renfe Train Company

The Spanish train operator Renfe alerted travellers via a tweet on its official ‘X’ account earlier this month about an online scam targeting the company.

Cybercriminals have allegedly been offering a deal purportedly by Renfe where users can purchase six train tickets for only €2.

This scam is one of numerous methods used as bait by online criminals to defraud innocent victims. As seen in their tweet, the ‘scammers’ impersonated the page of Spain’s central suburban network manager. However, looking closely, you will see that the URL shown is not the original and is called ‘cypher. shop’,

Once a public member decides to take advantage of the cheap ‘offer’, the cybercriminals ask them to complete a series of steps, such as filling out a form with personal information and banking details for completing the payment.

When it comes time to pay, the scammers show that the order price was €178, but that with the promotion, it is reduced to €2.

However, if the user falls into the trap and pays the amount, they should know that the cybercriminals have obtained their money and all their personal and banking information.

These cybercriminals were promoting another ‘card’ that costs train users €2. It claimed to allow free travel with Renfe for an entire year.

The promotion insists that it refers to an ‘offer’ that was launched on the occasion of the company’s 70th anniversary. If regular travellers who know Renfe stop to think about it, the company celebrated its 18th birthday at the beginning of 2023. In these situations where an offer seems too good to be true, it is always advisable to verify the information on the promotions that are announced on social networks or that arrive by email through the company’s official website.