Married Yeovil Journalist Is Involved In A Young Girl Sex Scandal.

A football-loving Journalist and Editor In Yeovil, Somerset, Is understood to be caught up in an online sex scandal involving young girls.

It is alleged the elderly journalist nearing his sixties, who has been a prominent Journalist around the Somerset region for many years, has been caught acting sexually with young girls on the internet, thought to be as young as 14 years old.

It’s understood the revelation came to light when the elderly married man contacted online an underage girl from the local area unknowingly.

The young girl, thought to be 14/15 years old, recognised the now-editor from previous press photographs, placing the journalist in a pressing position.

Sources close to the young girl also claim the journalist has been paying ‘hush money’ to save the news reaching his wife and his reputation in the local area.

Although now a group who trap Paedophiles online and confront them before handing evidence to the police whilst on location told Global247news:

‘ We are aware of several paedophiles in the town of Yeovil; there are two main ones firstly at the top of the list, one is the married journalist who acts as if he’s as white as snow in public and another on Rowan Way who historically raped school girls and has never been brought as yet to justice, we intend to visit them shortly and hand our evidence to the police for prosecution.’

Meanwhile, the journalist has removed all his profiles from social media, where he usually’s active and vocal.