Lib Dem Councillor Offers To Assist Residents In Yeovil Regarding Avonline Network Contractors.

As previously reported, Residents in Yeovil have been having significant issues with the workforce of Avonline Networks.

Avonline Networks is installing fibre cable internet through the town whilst residents have complained in regards to harassment and damage to property.

A Lib Dem Councillor has come forward to assist the residents with their numerous complaints.

Councillor Oliver Patrick is offering assistance to all residents who have suffered in Yeovil and surrounding areas, stating:

‘ We have recently successfully prosecuted companies for digging up public roads and paths without a licence, and I will investigate.’

Oliver Patrick asks everyone who has suffered at the hands of Avonline Networks to email

Meanwhile, In Yeovil, residents are questioning the whereabouts of their MP, Marcus Fysh. Who has failed to comment on the hundreds of complaints?

A resident on Larkill Road, who alleges he had to take a week off work to protect his property and family from Avonline Network workers operating yards from his front door, said:

‘ So where’s the Tory MP? Marcus Fysh is nowhere to be seen as always – thankfully, the Lib Dems have stepped in to assist. Fysh is an embarrassment to this town, but hopefully, he will be toast at the next general election,’

Furthermore, Somerset Council have been in touch with Global247news to confirm they didn’t contract Avonline Networks and have no involvement in the current operation of cable laying in the town, as thought by the town’s residents.