Tanker Driver From West Country-Based Gregory Distribution Attempts To Push Car Drivers Off Busy Road.

A tanker driver from Gregory Distribution today attempted to push car drivers off the road as he ‘road raged’ on the A303 Ilminster bypass with motorists.

Global247news newsdesk was flooded with complaints from both eyewitnesses at the scene of the erratic driver’s behaviour.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the Ilminster bypass, which is a notorious black spot locally known as ‘death road’ due to the amounts of fatalities that have taken place on it, was extremely busy at the time when the tanker driver of Gregory Distribution’s tanker, registration number WU22EFB took to the outside lane whilst the remaining traffic, lined up before entering a single section and attempted to get ahead of those in the stopped left and right-hand lanes.

According to eyewitnesses, as he couldn’t gain the correct position, he refused to back off to allow the inside lane to flow or enter the left-hand lane correctly. He then attempted to squeeze two cars off the road because they hadn’t let him in front.

Eyewitness photos of reckless Gregory Distribution Tanker Driver ( No indication signals on this occasion as he races to his following collection)



Mary Wilson, who was travelling to Montacute to visit her grandson, said:

‘ The driver of the tanker, which I would guess was collecting milk from farms, decided to pull out into the closing second lane, trying to take advantage of the queuing traffic, before the lane went single again. When he couldn’t get across, he decided to squeeze two cars, firstly a Golf just in front of the tanker; when that failed, he pulled left on purpose to squeeze the Hyundai onto the grass verges. If the Hyundai hadn’t taken to the banking, he would have rammed him. It was a deliberate act of road rage. This was further demonstrated when, after not getting in front of the car, he decided to drive as near the rear bumper as possible, trying to intimidate the driver; if the car had braked, there was no stopping distance whatsoever. It was appalling behaviour by the lorry driver who shouldn’t be road raging, especially in a lorry that size.’

Hogging the outside lane was driving at full pelt.


Meanwhile, driving instructor Barry Watkins told what he witnessed:

‘ The A303 had tailbacks, highly likely due to it being closed today at Thruxton, further up, as well as the M4 being closed at Bath and the M5 backing up heavily, as well as other drivers attempting to find an alternative route to London.

Most traffic followed the correct procedure of forming a single file line before the two lanes merged into one, although the Gregory Distribution driver had other ideas! I saw him pull into the second lane late on and then try to force his way ahead at the merging section despite the length of his tanker. He had several cars on his inside to which he gave no regard whatsoever and pulled across to the left to squeeze them to a stop, one car having to take to the banking to avoid being hit by the tanker.

‘ There are clear road signs way before the merging section informing drivers to pull in left with distance guides; he had no regard for that at all; all that was clearly on his mind was to use the size of his tanker to push his way to the front, he never had any intention of joining the line of traffic that did so. It’s idiots like him on the road that kill people. No doubt he was on a timed run and under pressure from Gregory Distribution; he must have behaved like that, or he’s a complete idiot and should not be in charge of an HGV.”

Angela Butler Who Doesn’t Get Involved

Global247news attempted to contact Angela Butler, the Managing Director of Gregory Distribution but was told, ‘She doesn’t get involved in these matters despite it saying on the company website.

Angela joined the Board of Gregory in 2011 as Finance Director before taking on operational responsibility for a significant part of the business and the commercial area. She became Managing Director in 2018.

Angela graduated from Cambridge University with a Degree in Pharmacology before training as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young in London. She has worked in several global PLCs, including Glaxo SmithKline, Elementis and Uniq, holding various Leadership roles in General Management, Change Management and Financial Management.

Angela enjoys travelling, studying languages and natural history and contributes to wildlife-related charities. She follows several sports, including football and rugby, supporting West Ham United and the Exeter Chiefs. She lives in South Devon with her husband and two sons.’

It appears operational responsibilities don’t include her drivers’ irresponsibility and public road users’ lives.