A Massive Real Ale Festival Will Take Place In Dorchester This Weekend As Beer Lovers Head To The Dorset Town

Real Ale and beer lovers are set to head to Dorchester in Dorset this weekend from all over the globe.

Word has spread around the UK to real ale fans regarding a brewer who got drunk and bought a brewery.

This weekend, the small brewery company that brews astonishing ales will hold a 2-day beer festival with a fantastic story behind it, attracting mass attention amongst real ale fans.

The current owner loved the beer so much that after a few beers, he heard that his favourite brewery was closing, so he bought it outright.

Real ale fans are set to flock to the brewery’s weekend festival to sample hundreds of ales while testing Dorchester’s beauty.

Copper Street Brewery is situated in the town’s Brewery Square, aptly named as it sits opposite Dorchester South train station in Copper Street, on the former brewery site of Eldridge Pope.

Real ale lover Ted Lewis, from South Wales, told Global247news how he’s already arrived in Dorchester ready for the weekend ale festival.

‘ This is such an amazing story, and the ales are simply the finest I have ever tasted; I’ve booked into the hotel here early to ‘warm up’ ready for the weekend.

‘I know of fellow CAMRA club members from all over the UK; my pal Jimmy is coming from Scotland and arriving Friday night.

‘ I’m already in love with the Copper Street bar; I’ve been in every night since arriving in the town. It should be an amazing weekend for everyone.’ he finished.

Meanwhile, real ale fans from nearby towns, Weymouth and Yeovil, are expected to flock to the festival; Kevin Williams from Yeovil tells how his group have put a coach on to attend the festival. he said:

‘ We have arranged a jolly boys’ day out and going by coach; we love the Copper Street Brewery, and the owner certainly knows how to brew the finest ales; he’s so dedicated to the cause, clearly shown by his actions in buying the brewery when it was going to close.’