Avonline Network Contractors Start War As Yeovil Residents Prepare To Strike Back

Avonline Network Contractors Laugh At Complaining Yeovil Pensioners Whilst Striking Out Steet Lights On Yeovil’s Larkhill Road

Avonline Network contractors operating in Yeovil on behalf of South Somerset District Council find it funny that they have wrecked people’s gardens and now struck out the street lighting.

Global247news reported how the bully boy contractors worked illegally in the area this week. 

The contractors were found to be working without permits from untaxed and uninsured vans whilst wrecking gardens and memorial plants as they dug trenches on Sunday.

The situation appears to have hit boiling point on Yeovil’s Larkhill Road as the contractor in charge of the trench digging stands behind his barriers, pointing and laughing at residents as they watch the destruction outside their homes.

Global247news attended the road today to witness first-hand the further aggression and unsavoury behaviour of the contracted thugs.

We witnessed pensioners being laughed at as they stared out their windows in disgust whilst the Avonline Network workforce gesticulated at them, clearly finding it humorous that they were affecting people’s lives.

Meanwhile, whilst residents say they have contacted the South Somerset Council, it appears the Council is totally uninterested in what’s happening on Larkhill Road.

It’s understood that a vigilante group is preparing to tackle the contractors directly as the authorities appear uninterested.

One upset resident, who didn’t wished to be named, said:

‘ My Mrs has had enough now and rang me in tears; I’m going to get a few lads together to sort this out once and for all. We will stick their cables where the sun doesn’t shine shortly; the Council don’t give a s***.

‘ Enough is enough; we’ve all had enough, and the only way to solve this is to tackle it head-on.’ he raged.

Cement Trucks Being Lined Up As Residents Had Enough

Furthermore, Global247news understands a local businessman has offered to pay for cement to be delivered to fill in the trenches each day after the contractors go home; he told Global247news, ‘ It’s a complete farce what’s going on up at Larkhill Road unless this situation resolves shortly, the cement mixers will be rolling up there every evening to refill the trenches, pensioners especially should be treated with respect.

‘ If this situation is not resolved by Avonline and the Council, shortly, the cement trucks will be rolling in; let’s see who has the last laugh’, he said.

Avonline Network Contractors Start War As Yeovil Residents Prepare To Strike Back

Residents are also appealing for the contractor’s name and address, who feel it’s amusing to laugh at pensioners; one said, ‘ I want to go and dig his garden up and put him in the hole.’