South Somerset Council Have Allowed Illegal Violent Thugs Who Have Caused Destruction Whilst Working Without Permits.

South Somerset District Council allows violent, illegal thugs to install fibre optic cables in Yeovil Somerset.

Residents in Yeovil Somerset are appalled to find that illegal, violent thugs have been deployed to dig up roadways and pavements to install fibre optic cables in the quiet market town.

Leafy Larkhill Road residents accuse the illegal contractors of acting threateningly whilst working without the appropriate work permits.

Illegal Operators Who Turned Violent

Not only that, if it wasn’t bad enough, they, whilst working illegally, have caused mass destruction to residents’ gardens and memorial gardens, laid to remember those who have sadly passed away.

No Safety Warnings

The contractors working for Avonline Networks to install Gigaclear ultrafast broadband threatened Larkhill Road residents when challenged to work illegally on Sunday.

The illegal cable installers gave no notice of the commencing works, with no safety signs, and became violent and aggressive when challenged by residents.

On top of working without permits, allowing them to operate on a Sunday, one resident discovered they were operating from untaxed and uninsured vehicles.

Operating From Illegal Vehicles


An eyewitness told Global247news about the fracas on Larkhill Road as residents challenged the group of Polish illegal workers.

He said:

‘ Many residents made complaints to the workers as they were causing devastation to well-kept gardens; I heard the fat one threaten to slit a resident’s throat if he carried on complaining, whilst he said to another ‘I’m here to dig, and I’m going to dig whether you like it or not.’

‘ They have wrecked everybody’s gardens too, and they just laughed when it was pointed out they had destroyed a memorial garden laid in memory of loved ones.

Gardens Dug Up With No Access

‘ These aren’t workers; they are out and out, thugs. South Somerset Council should be ashamed of themselves; we know they are a hopeless Council, but this was taking the biscuit, especially as they turned on disturbed pensioners.

‘ The Council have clearly broken the law by allowing them to work on a Sunday anyway, without permits. Do they think they can get away with it by sending out thugs to threaten residents?’ he finished.

Global247news has also discovered that the ‘workers’ have convictions in Poland for criminal activity.

Meanwhile, South Somerset District Council have broken the law by allowing the works to occur with compensation due to the destruction of residents’ property.

Leading lawyer Nadeem Raajit QC told Global247news, ‘ The residents should sue the Council; they have a watertight case. All they need to do is send County Court Summons to the Council, which they can do via the small claims court in Northampton – all can be done online,’ he stated.