Failed Newton Abbot Businessman Simon Stewart In Court Action With Car Moving Business.

Failed Businessman Simon Stewart from Newton Abbott is in a court battle with A car movement business.

The former print shop Company Director who dissolved the company  Studio Success Ltd due to its lack of success, who then went on to start Torquay Eats, which also failed, has begun court action against a business that offered him an opportunity after he applied from an advertisement placed on social media, despite breaking their full terms and conditions.

Global247news understands that the failed businessman made food home deliveries with his partner to meet ends; he applied to a social media advertisement, seeking new drivers.

The business offered him an opportunity on a self-employed role to move cars around Europe and the UK. However, now the parties are heading to the courtroom after it’s alleged Mr Stewart took the training offered and then departed with no notice to set up his own operation working with the car movers client.

General Manager of Move Cars For You Andy Waddell, the former Managing Director of Devon’s largest furniture manufacturer, Devonshire Pine Ltd, based in Bideford, told Global247news of the pending court case when asked.

Waddell said:

‘The situation is that Mr Stewart has applied to the court for ‘unpaid fees’ despite breaking all the business terms and conditions.

‘Our terms and conditions clearly state the following,

‘5. Fourteen days’ notice should be given to Move Cars For You if a driver decides he no longer wishes to drive for Move Cars For You – In the event of no prior notice, the last 14 days payments for completed moves will be withheld to cover previous training costs and incurred expenses. This does not apply to drivers who have completed two years or more of drives for Move Cars For You or to drivers with prior written agreement to Move Cars For You.’


Waddell explained: ‘ When Mr Stewart applied by email, he was directed to the business website where drivers are fully notified. He told the boss he was delivering fast food and held subsequent phone calls before starting driving, with the role fully explained.

‘Mr Stewart then drove and moved cars for which he was handsomely paid thousands of pounds.

‘While learning the role, hours and hours of training were supplied as he learnt the ropes. Quite often late into the night, as well as bookings being made for him on request, taking hours of time and money.

‘Sadly, to the shock of everyone, Mr Stewart departed with no notice period. We soon learned two days later, he had started his own operation after learning the trade and industry and taking work directly from one of our clients.

‘This is why clause five is in place in our terms and conditions; in essence, we taught him everything to set up on his own.

‘We have no issue with entrepreneurship but are not a training centre for such action. Basically, he cost us a lot of time and wasted money before, in my opinion, ‘doing the dirty.’

Waddell then went on to tell about Stewart’s claim, saying: He’s trying to claim approx £2,000 for ten days work, although the T&C clearly set the action of doing the above. Whilst at the same time, there was no agreed price of £2000 between parties, he’s plucked the figure out of thin air. It’s now with our lawyer, Paul Mohamed, who will represent us in court to defend his claim totally.’

Meanwhile, Global247news spoke with one of Stewarts’ former colleagues, William Peters.

Peters from London said: ‘ We work in teams; Stewart was in the same team as me and then just disappeared; the gaffer shortly found out he had started his own business operation with one of our clients.

‘ The gaffer’s a great bloke and offered him a great opportunity; he got paid thousands and then legged it to set up on his own; in my book, that’s totally underhanded. I wasn’t shocked, though, as he seemed sly and never really mixed well with the rest of the team. We all helped him, though, even offering to assist when he was stuck on jobs and divert and pick him up. He wasn’t a team player at all. There was always something about him I didn’t trust, and his further actions proved me correct in my book.’

Peters then finished with: ‘ I laughed when I heard his claim; we all are directed to the website to read the terms and conditions before driving; they are clean and fair too; he has the cheek to be trying this claim after all the time and effort placed in him, in my opinion.

Lawyer Paul Mohamed wasn’t available to comment on the pending case, although his office confirmed he would defend the claim.

Global247news is still attempting to contact Mr Stewart regarding his claims.