Yeovil Skate Inc. Rolling To Massive Success

The late John Curry’s former agent says a small business in Yeovil, Somerset, is a rolling success.

John Anthony Curry, OBE, was a British figure skater. He was the 1976 European, World, and Olympic Champion. He was noted for combining ballet and modern dance influences into his skating.

Although his former agent told Global247news how the former star began his career on roller skates and how he was so impressed with Yeovil Skate Inc.

Today, Global247news visited Westfield Academy School’s sports hall to see what impressed the former star agent.

The business has a very professional outlook, with plenty of ‘crew’ assigned to develop roller skating, from complete novices to well-developed skaters of all age groups, from little toddlers to grannies and grandfathers.

Children Of All Ages Skating Away!

The sports hall was packed with skaters of all ages. Prices for a 2-hour session only cost from £4.

What was highly noticeable was the fine fitness levels of the children whilst having so much fun at the same time.

One of the watching parents said: ‘ My daughter was a little overweight before she took up skating here; she’s so much healthier now and lost quite a few pounds, too!

‘It’s far better her coming here on a Sunday morning than sitting in front of video games at home.

‘The crew you see here are dedicated to everyone. They are delightful people who are very professional at the same time, my daughter and her friend can’t wait for a Sunday, 2 hours for just £4 is a bargain too. I would recommend all parents to take their kids skating here,’ she finished.

The ‘Crew’ Even Have Its Pit Lane For Wheel Changes And Maintenance

Roller skating sessions are held every Sunday between 10 AM and 12 PM at Westfield School. Skaters can pay on the day after a quick registration process, although looking at how busy it is, that could change shortly at the very successful skating sessions.