Red Bull F1 Race Team In Battle With Mercedes Over Young Superstar Driver Carlos Ross.

Leading F1 teams Red Bull & Mercedes are again set to battle over a 14-year-old star driver, this time.

Carlos Ross Never Off The Podium

Carlos Ross, who comes from the same Somerset town as Jenson Button, Frome, but who now resides in Portugal to continue his racing potential, has been taking the go-karting world by storm, with many talent spotters feeling he could be the next superstar in Formula One.

Some ‘spotters’ say the young driver has the same abilities as the great Aryton Senna at the same age.

Another Overtake By Ross

Now, F1 teams are locked in a battle to sign up the young driver, including the Red Bull and Mercedes teams, who face competition with other groups on the current grid, attempting to gain the talented drivers’ signature.

‘ Ross has the lot in his locker; he’s fast and furious, often beating other drivers in far superior karts; I’ve watched him whip serious drivers, even with a bent chassis. He’s super quick and has a brilliant racing brain. He reminds me of Jaque Villeneuve’ one spotter told Global247news in Portugal.

Another Chequered Flag For Superstar Carlos Ross With No Other Driver In Sight

Whilst another told: ‘ He’s the next Artyton Senna; he has the heart of a lion and can outrace everybody in any kart; until now, he’s gone unnoticed because he lives in Portugal, but now all the teams are watching and want to take him on, from what I hear.’

Another Trophy To The Huge Collection For 14 Year Old Ross

Ross hasn’t lost a race in over two years and now races next at the Braga Kartdrome In Portugal on the weekend of 20-22nd.

Global247news spoke to his agent, Steve Day, to find out more;

 Day Says Listening To Offers But No Rush


Day said: ‘ Naturally, for the kid’s ability, of course, there was always going to be massive interest at some stage, but it’s still now all about development through the ranks; Carlos is a down-to-earth lad. We will listen to offers, of course, although there is no rush; let’s remember he’s still only 14 at this stage. he comes from a lovely family who has put their heart and soul into his racing, whilst with limited funds, he still wins the lot,  he’s had a fantastic upbringing, his mother is from Somerset and father, Portuguese. Both have put everything into his racing, but the limited funds have made no difference; he beats every challenge when he gets behind the wheel. It’s early days in his career. Offers have been made, but we just let him race for now. Have fun, as I’m sure the rest will come.’

Meanwhile, Day, who’s looked after several racing drivers, went on to say: ‘ Moving to Portugal was an advantage; it got him out the initial spotlight and allowed him to concentrate and focus on his racing; in my opinion, we don’t have to rush, he’s got it all to put him on the F1 grid shortly.’

Global247news will follow the upcoming Braga event and hopefully watch the next Lewis Hamilton.