Thousands Of Fans Order Lewis Hamilton A Red Bull Drink

F1 fans order Lewis Hamilton A Red Bull Drink From The Mercedes Hospitality Suite.

Thousands of F1 fans have flooded Mercedes 7 times World Champion Lewis Hamilton with Red Bull drink orders from the Mercedes hospitality suite after a TV GAFF.

The GAFF came inside the German manufacturer’s holiday suite during a TV interview in Japan, where thousands of fans noticed a bar code to place drink orders by scanning the code on their phone.

Rival team fans of Red Bull racing were quick to act, causing chaos, as they all ordered a Red Bull for the Mercedes star driver.

Thousands Of Fans Order Lewis Hamilton A Red Bull Drink
Hamilton Flooded With Red Bull Orders

An insider serving the drinks in the suite told Global247news:

‘ Everything was steady and regular, serving the Mercedes staff and corporate guests when suddenly, the ordering system went crazy.

‘ We were bombarded with thousands of orders for Red Bull drinks. Many appeared to be ordered for Lewis, George Russell and Team Principal Toto Wolf.

‘Whilst they are our rivals, we stock Red Bull in the bar, but we only keep small stocks and don’t advertise the fact for obvious reasons.

‘As such, we couldn’t complete all the orders’, he laughed before revealing we must change the bar code, as orders are still arriving several hours later.’

Whilst the Mercedes staff saw the funny side of the TV GAFF, it wasn’t so much fun on the track as Red Bull Team star driver Max Verstappen blew them away in final qualifying, placing the Red Bull car in pole position again.