Car Dealer Motonet Of Coventry Failing To Pay Bills

Car Dealership Motonet, Based In Coventry, is failing To Pay  Invoices.

Car dealership Motonet, based in Coventry, is causing consumers and suppliers concern as they fail to pay outstanding invoices.

The medium-sized dealership, based at 146-164 Lockhurst Lane Coventry, West Midlands CV65NY, pays companies to collect their stock and deliver the cars to the West Midlands forecourt but is failing now to pay for the services.

Now, one of those delivery companies is to seek a court order to collect payment.

General Manager Andrew Waddell, from Move Cars For You, who delivers car stocks across the UK, told Global247news:

No Finance Coming Out Of Motonet Coventry Offices To Suppliers

‘ We have an outstanding invoice that remains unpaid; my boss is now fed up with them and ordered me to instruct the courts to retrieve our dues.

‘ The office has contacted them numerous times to retrieve our payment due – Motonet, simply ignore all communications.

‘ I’ve spoken to others who claim to be in the same boat as us; I’ve also noted Motonet are not listing any more collections.

‘ If I were a consumer right now, I would think twice about paying for a new car and looking elsewhere.

‘ It’s not even a large amount that they owe, which is always a bad sign of business troubles, in my opinion’, he finished.

Global247news attempted to contact Motonet for comment, but they ignored the communication.