English Drivers Set To Be Ambushed In Wales By Speed Cameras

English drivers driving through Wales are set to be ambushed by speed cameras as the Welsh leader and his Government reduce roads in Wales to just 20mph.

Drakeford, who appears to be ignoring all the regulations set by the UK’s Highway Code, is reducing speed limits across Wales to just 20MPH. However, the country doesn’t appear ready by not having speed limit signs, leaving drivers with no clue about the limit.

Meanwhile, hundreds of speed camera detector vans are preparing to catch out the motorists who don’t obey the new speed limits.

Whilst lists of camera positions are being published in Wales, they are not in England, leaving English motorists with no clue of the limit or where cameras are set to catch them out as the Welsh Government ‘cash in’ on the English motorists.

As Drakeford prepares to bring Wales to a standstill, English professional drivers making important deliveries to the Welsh public refuse to enter the country.

Adam Winsford, who delivers cars to Wales for manufacturers, told Global247news: ‘None of the lads now want to go to Wales and are refusing to take the jobs there; the risk of getting fined and penalty points is not worth it, I can see them having shortages soon of many products including cars.’

Billy Peters is another refusing to go, ‘ No way will I be delivering to Wales anymore, their leader is a complete ‘fruitcake’ with his ideas – he’s going to destroy the country, it’s bloody pathetic, what a clown!’

Although it’s not just the English who are up in arms: Welsh driver Andrew Parcells from Taffs Well said: ‘ I will be getting the train over to Bristol and picking up from there; Dripford, as we call him, has not a clue to what destruction he’s going to cause to Wales with this pathetic ruling, nobody wants now to do the Welsh jobs, I’ll probably move over to Bristol at some stage, Wales isn’t worth the grief.’

It appears Welsh residents are already feeling the backlash; Neil Day from Llantwit Fadre contacted Global247news to say how he can’t get his new Audi Jeep delivered for a sensible price from Southampton; he revealed:

‘ Nobody wants to collect my new Audi at reasonable money; It’s due in after the speed limit regulations come into force, delivery companies are trebling their prices to deliver to Wales’