Conservative MP For Yeovil Marcus Fysh Position Looks In Jeopardy At Next Election.

A public backlash against the current Yeovil MP, Marcus Fysh, appears to be taking place in Somerset.

Residents in the Somerset town took to Facebook to express their feelings against their current MP.

Tory MP Fysh, according to constituents, has a reputation for only coming forward for publicity stunts in the media whilst being one of the largest Conservative expense-claiming ministers.

The latest backlash comes after he stated that he would assist redundant workers at local leather-producing company Pittards after liquidation, placing hundreds of residents out of work.

The Yeovil Facebook page, Yeovil Real News And Share Your Views, was flooded by disgruntled constituents, demonstrating their distrust in their local MP.

Peter Brock commented: ‘ He only wants to help himself, another TV interview and photo session – It’s the only time he’s ever seen or heard of, he has to go, the sooner, the better, he’s a waste of space.’

Sue Tudor questioned: What is he going to do, other than get his face on the TV?’  with Peter Evans stating:

‘On the campaign trail, has not done anything for Yeovil since being voted in.’

Kathy Pockson pointed out: ‘ He was going to help with the Hospice closing, but he never did.’

As well as the public backlash, Pittard’s redundant workers have their views.

Jimmy Danfo told Global247news directly: ‘ He’s done nothing at all for any of us. Let’s be honest; we never see him unless it’s a media photo at a garden tea party or something similar.

‘Everyone has known for months Pittards was in financial trouble; it wasn’t assisted with the MP once again getting the facts wrong and telling the world the business was in Administration when it wasn’t – after that, the order book dropped like a stone because nobody wants to deal with a business in Administration, he made it worse, he certainly hasn’t assisted and we have never seen him once during the ‘rocky’ times down at the factory.’

Fysh, many believe, has ridden on the coattails of Tory voters at the general elections in the past. Still, with the polls showing a vote of no confidence now of the current Government and even local Tory voters wishing Fysh gone, it looks highly likely the residents of Yeovil will get their wish.

A Conservative supporter told Global247news: ‘ Whilst I’m a Tory supporter and voter, I want Fysh gone, quite frankly he’s an embarrassment to the Party and especially Yeovil Town, let’s face the facts, he only gets voted in as the likes of myself vote for a Conservative Prime Minister.

‘In all his time, he’s done nothing at all for the area apart from publicity stunts and gaffs; only a week or so ago, he told residents a school was closing, which it wasn’t, alarming hundreds of parents; it’s all about him sadly, his ego and gaining media attention whilst let’s not forget being at the top of the list of high expense claiming ministers – for doing what?’