A Dog Owner Claims His Dog Is Fine In Hot Car Because It’s Italian.

When challenged by a Yeovil resident in a supermarket car park, a dog owner said his dog was fine in the hot car as it was Italian.

As record temperatures soared across the UK, hitting as high as 32 Celcius, numerous warnings were made, but a shopper at a Yeovil supermarket still left his pet in the car as he went shopping.

A startled resident of the Somerset town couldn’t believe what she was seeing and started to gather evidence before preparing to smash the car window to rescue the hot hound.

However, the owner of the car/dog returned just as she prepared to rescue the overheating animal.

When questioned, the Volvo owner said there was nothing to be concerned about as the dog was from Italy and used to the heat.

After reading about the incident on social media, the RSPCA wishes to track the car owner down and put the record straight, concerned about the animal’s future welfare.

A source told Global247news: ‘ The RSPCA is now seeking the dog’s owner; it doesn’t matter where your dog is from, any dog in heat with little air can suffocate to death and die from heat exhaustion.

‘The owner needs a short sharp lesson in facts as well as we wish to check on the dog’s welfare – we appeal to anyone with more information regarding the owner to make contact, whilst windows were noted as slightly open, in this heat, there was not enough air circulation.’