Car crash victim cut from wreckage after 3.5 hours as idiot driver tries to turn into Industrial estate cutting across double white lines on Old Wareham Road In Poole.

An older woman was finally freed from the wreckage of her car after being hit by an idiotic driver who cut across double white lines in an attempt to turn into an industrial estate.

Police and fire services were called at 9.45 a.m. today with reports of an RTC on Old Wareham Road, Poole.

Three fire engines from Poole were mobilised and found three vehicles involved on arrival.

Firefighters were quickly on the scene, working to extricate some people trapped within the vehicles using hydraulic cutting equipment.

The first to be cut from his car was a man in his late thirties or early forties, who earlier had tried to cut across double white lines in the middle of the road to enter an industrial estate, hitting an elderly lady driver, travelling with friends and family, whilst also causing a collision with a black Mercedes.

Whilst the Mercedes driver and the family & friends of the trapped woman escaped with little injuries – the elderly lady was trapped in her car as well as the white line crossing driver.

The first to be freed was the male driver, who was stretchered to an awaiting ambulance and tested for drunk & drug driving – although the outcome of those tests is currently unknown.

Meanwhile, the poor victim, who appeared to be in her late sixties, remained trapped for over 3 hours whilst fire crews battled to release her, cutting open the car by removing its roof and other parts of the smashed-up blue vehicle. Medical staff gave pain-killing treatments on the scene.

An eyewitness at the scene told Global247news: ‘It was caused by this clown trying to cut across the clear double white lines. He smashed straight into the trapped woman.

‘ She stood no chance of avoiding the reckless driver; whilst I saw cuts and bruises to her right arm, she was conscious; although ambulance workers attended to her, administrating pain relief, fire crews took over 3 hours to remove her with spinal boards to an awaiting ambulance.’

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed fire crews left the incident just after 1 p.m., confirming the roof of both vehicles had to be removed using hydraulic cutting equipment to release the casualties; one male was extricated from one of the vehicles and one female from the other vehicle before leaving in the care of the ambulance service.