The Steve Calis Show Broadcast From Yeovil Set For National Awards

Yeovil’s premier podcaster, Steven Calis, is set to be crowned by the British Podcasts Awards.

It’s a fantastic feat by any standards, although on this occasion, it’s even more impressive as the young presenter turned his life around after being hours from suicide at one stage.

The Popular Yeovil Based Podcast Show

Calis openly talks about his dark days of heavy drinking and an addiction to class-A drugs whilst admitting to taking out loans to the tune of £15,000 to blow on illegal substances before committing suicide, with no intention to repay.

Thankfully, Calis saw the light when he met his future wife and transformed his direction in life, beating all his addictions apart from one – podcasting.

Now, a few years later, from his dark days, Calis is the proud father of a young son with a beautiful fiance. He broadcasts from his online studio to the residents of not just Yeovil but a global audience, to thousands of listeners to each show.

The Devoted Father Reaching For The Stars

Not only that, Calis has set up the Pride Of Yeovil awards, which yearly presents deserving individuals with the honour of the now prestigious award.

Although thousands of listeners now feel he should be presenting the award to himself after such a turnaround in his life, his valued advice now assists others in the same situation.

Listener Trevor Wyatt told Global247news: ‘His story is simply unique; it literally was from the gutter to local hero; I admire how he helps others daily; I’m so pleased he’s now up for National recognition – it’s fully deserved.

‘He is a total credit to the town of Yeovil. Many of us feel that he should present the award to himself (Pride Of Yeovil) – it would be totally deserved.’

Calis’ most enormous fan, of course, is his beautiful mother,  Georgina; she said: ‘I’m so proud of him, but he would never award himself as he’s far too modest and caring; he always puts himself before others.

Award Process Set Up By Steve Calis

‘I listen to every show, and my heart pumps with pride; I hope everyone in Yeovil votes him to the top to win the man award; I know it would mean so much to him,’ Georgina finished.

Votes are now being taken and counted by the panel and can be made here simply by stating the Steve Calis Show.

Soon, it seems, with the assistance of Yeovil and far folk, Yeovil can have its first National podcast winner.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, the show can be found on Spotify and other listening platforms for podcasts.