Management Warning For Jesse Lingard As He’s Set To Sign Contract With West Ham United

Former Manchester United & Nottingham Forrest player Jesse Lingard is set to sign a contract with West Ham United within the next 72 hours.

Lingard, who was on loan previously to the east-end London club and played some of his finest football at the time, snubbed the club’s offer last season to sign a lucrative contract with newly promoted Nottingham Forrest, disappointing the West Ham faithful.

Since pre-season, Lingard, now a free agent, has been training with West Ham United and appears to have refound the form he demonstrated whilst on loan.

Although the contract comes with a warning from the management team.

A club insider says that David Moyes and his management team have told him quite clearly that he will have to re-win the hearts of the club’s loyal supporters and that they don’t forgive easily.

The insider, assisting in broking the deal, which sees a far lower salary than offered previously, told Global247news:

‘ The deal will be completed within the next 72 hours., Though Moyes has warned Lingard about the reception he may get from the huge hardcore fan base at the London Stadium, he will have to override it, stating he will have to give more than every other team member to win back their trust.’

Supporter Billy Peters tells how the majority are against the player; currently, he said: ‘ Most fans now detest the player, we see him as a Judas, he snubbed up last season despite offering him a huge wage.

‘Forgiving will take a lot for me and many others.’

Whether West Ham fans will forgive is yet to be seen. ‘They don’t forgive easily; just ask Paul Ince,’ said Peters.