There’s no doubt that cybersecurity is more important than ever. While it can be tempting in a world that is so reliant on the internet to treat it as a safe place, there are more cyberattacks happening than ever. By and large, businesses are the targets of these cybercrimes because they hold the most bang for the hacker’s buck. Therefore, as a business owner, it’s your duty to remain vigilant of these threats and find lasting solutions to protect yourself and your coworkers from harm.

In fact, the number one reason why any scams or attacks happen on the internet is that the victim is ignorant or blissfully unaware of what cybercrimes typically look like and are, therefore, likely to fall prey to one of these attacks. 

As a result, it’s essential that you educate yourself on the most common forms of cyberattacks and find the right methods to protect your business from these threats. 

Is it time to improve your business cybersecurity? Here are a few questions to point you in the right direction:

Are there security gaps that need to be addressed?

One of the most fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself if youre trying to figure out if it’s time to improve your cybersecurity is whether there are obvious security gaps that need to be addressed.

When youre running a company, it can be easy to lose track of your internal IT infrastructure and fail to check up on it from time to time. When youre so busy working without a glitch, it can be a shock when a loophole or gap in the security is exploited, leaving you exposed.

Therefore, alongside an IT expert, go through your system with a fine-tooth comb, assessing its strengths and weaknesses and making changes where necessary. This might require you to learn some IT basics – such as what is API gateway – but the payoff will be huge.

Have you suffered from a cyberattack? 

Another clear indication that its time to improve the cybersecurity of your business is when youve actually already suffered from a cyberattack. You may be tempted to feel like an innocent victim, place all blame on the perpetrator, and try and pick up the pieces, you need to take some form of responsibility for what has happened. 

While no one deserves to suffer such a horrible experience, it could be an opportunity for you to assess what went wrong, improve the strength of your internal systems, take cyber security more seriously, and become a more handson boss to your team. 

What makes this circumstance easier is that you’ll have a clear indication of where the weak points in your protection are, so you can quickly address them.

Are your staff trained to recognize signs of a cyberattack?

Last, but certainly not least, your staff need to be fully aware of and trained in preventing

cyberattacks. As already mentioned, the number one way to prevent an attack is to be fully aware of the most common threats and recognize the tell-tale signs of an attempted hack. Therefore, make sure you put on training days for your staff on internet security.