Undercover DVLA officers operating in Yeovil are clamping cars in high numbers.

The DVLA has deployed undercover plain-clothed officers to Yeovil in Somerset, catching motorists out as cars are clamped.

Cars, in volume, have been clamped for various offences. The offences range from untaxed vehicles, cars with no insurance, illegal tyres, and anything else regarded as illegal and unroadworthy.

The officers have been deployed after statistics regionally show that Yeovil motorists have a high rate of illegal car tyres.

A spokesman told Global247news as his team of officers patrolled the town today: ‘ Our officers are walking the streets of the town inspecting car tyres of parked cars and looking for other offences such as non-insured or taxed cars.

‘If your car has illegal tyres, our officers will find you and ensure your car is clamped and prepared for removal from the road. Illegal tyres, kill, it’s as simple as that; not only will we clamp and remove, but the registered owner will also be reported for prosecution’

Mary Wilson from Mudford Road tells how she saw officers in the car park at Mudford Road recreation park, inspecting cars on their hands and knees.

‘ I went to walk my dog and there was a large group of men under cars, I didn’t know what they were up to so asked them.

‘ They showed me their ID cards and told me they were on inspection purposes; they were even looking at cars down side roads down by the bus depot, 2 cars were clamped there, as I walked home.

She warned: ‘ They also told me they will be operating here for several weeks due to the high volume of illegal cars in the area’.