Yeovil Town FC Manager Mark Cooper Swears At Fans As Pressure Mounts

Yeovil Town Football Club manager Mark Cooper swears at fans as pressure mounts at Huish Park.

The Yeovil Town Football Club manager Mark Cooper appears to be already feeling the pressure, despite one away loss and two home wins.

Last night Yeovil Town dispatched Truro in a 2-1 home victory by the skin of their teeth, with a late goal in the 94th minute. Although, Truro were unlucky to lose after playing better football on the night, with the actual Yeovil performance second rate compared to their Cornish opposition.

With Yeovil Town FC recently being refreshed with a takeover and investment, gates are swelling at Huish Park, with over three thousand supporters in attendance on a Tuesday night. However, those fans come with expectancy and manager Cooper is feeling the heat.

As Yeovil Town scored last night, the under-pressure manager turned to his supporters and stuck his middle finger, telling them to ‘ Go F@ck yourselves’ according to supporters sitting directly behind his dugout.

It was a clear sign of frustration, with his team being a full-time side, compared to most other clubs in the lowly National League South, who remain on a part-time playing basis.

At the same time, the football being played is scrappy with no fluidity, sometimes looking like a team with no midfield.

Cooper, who has the entire reign of all footballing matters at Huish, handed to him by the club’s Chairman.

Now it appears the fans are getting frustrated and, after just three games, questioning if Cooper is the right man for the job for a promotion challenge, whilst clearly, Cooper is feeling the heat, knowing he has to deliver.

For large parts of the match last night, the usually vibrant Huish Park fell silent as the team struggled against their Cornish counterparts, which Cooper addressed in his post-match interview, asking for patience from the club’s supporters, citing the old cliche ‘ Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

It’s true; three games don’t make a season, but with the expectancy levels high, the Town’s supporters want Cooper to deliver quality football quickly and win in style, not by the skin of their pants each game, especially with the club being a full-time outfit, basically in a part-time league.

‘The fitness levels between full time and part time outfits should be immensley different at this level’  said supporter Simon Coombes ‘Even the players stated after last nights match, they were huffing and puffing – also I don’t think Cooper has the balance of the side right at present, the thing is, he says Rome was built in a day but let’s be honest now, he’s had a full pre season to prepare, all the players are his own selection and he still hasn’t got it right, we should be putting away part time teams with ease, not struggling over the line.’ he finished.

Yeovil next game is Maidstone and it’s clear the fans expect more and want more from Cooper and his team, whilst the West Country awaits to see if he can handle the pressure of the situation of being a big club in a minor league.