Martin Hellier, Chairman Of Yeovil Town Football Club, Apologises For His Match Day Behaviour

Martin Hellier, the new owner of Yeovil Town Football Club, has returned to social media to apologize for his behaviour at his first-ever game as a club owner.

Despite many incidents involving incidents of Hellier abusing people on social media channels before stating he was closing down all social media communications – he’s returned to make a statement regarding his behaviour.

The statement reads:

“I felt I must post this message in light of the endless abuse I am receiving from someone I will not name. Yesterday I did indeed embarrass myself and let myself down and the club I have put so much into.

Upon arriving at the ground, and so taken back the amazing Yeovil fan base that had made a long difficult journey to Hemel, I felt compelled to visit the fans and show my gratitude.

With moments of arriving, a fan came up to me and said ‘Remember me from Twitter? I was the one that said I will bottle you and your fat son’.
I think any father or parent, will only imagine the feelings that would stir inside you, and the incredibly difficult situation to remain composed in that moment. I did not strike one fan. I was ushered away by well meaning friends only to be harassed my another fan.

“I literally have no understanding of why a select few, for whom there would be no club but for the tireless efforts of my family, staff, team and volunteers, would choose to abuse us in this way.

“I whole
heartedly apologize for embarrassing myself and the club / fans of #YTFC but the circumstances were so hurtful, I was placed in an incredibly hurtful situation with very little time to process my thoughts.

“On the suggestion that I “berated” Mark Cooper following our team’s performance, this is an entirely baseless lie. I spoke quite pleasantly with Mark afterwards, surrounded by my colleagues and all the Hemel officials.

“My honest opinion is that this campaign is designed to mentally destablise me, perhaps designed to make me quit the club, so that this person who claims to represent Simul Sport, can attempt to buy the club after my family, staff and volunteers efforts.

“I am honestly and humbly so sorry that we live in an era where literally anything can be said, without accountability, and be assumed to be correct.

“In the right environment / investigation, I will gladly give the names of colleagues, witnesses, match official and Hemel staff who will testify to what I have written.

“I ask all fans to continue to support and believe the intentions of my family, having shown our commitment so much, that you allow us to continue to work on transforming our beloved club, and continue to enjoy the journey we are on.

Your support is overwhelming and we are truly humbled.

Best regards always
Martin, family, and staff

(I will remove my account in 24 hours, I’m sorry, I had to respond to these awful accusations)”
Although not a lot of the poorly written statement made sense.
Whilst the Yeovil Chairman claimed it was a campaign to destabilize the club to which he named Simul Sports Ltd, Julian Jenkins, made a clear and precise statement by return, clearly stating the facts and denying any suggestion from Hellier.
Jenkins stated that Simul Sports Ltd, to whom he was a registered Director, was dissolved after they attempted to purchase the club back in 2022.
The hastily put-together statement was not placed on the official website but on social media platforms, those Hellier had promised fans he wouldn’t use anymore to communicate club business.
Talking to club supporter Richard Wise, he told Global247news: ‘The statement is confusing, to say the least, firstly he brought up Simul Sports Ltd, and that information was incorrect, as confirmed by Julian Jenkins.
‘How he thinks they are trying to destabilize the club when the company formed no longer exists beggers belief – It shows a sign of paranoia to me.
‘As for his reasoning for his behaviour, I would say he’s brought it all upon himself; he was the one on Twitter telling fans of the club to come and see him, face to face; the lad in question did just that by the sounds. Hellier’s behaviour on social media has been atrocious for months; now I see he’s having a spat with Steve Day, who was a close ally of his whilst Hellier was attempting to buy the club; it appears Day has done a 180-degree U-Turn; although I can’t work out what has.’ he finished.
Global247news contacted Steve Day for an exclusive interview today from his base in Canary Wharf later to find out what their spat is about.