Global247news can now reveal how Yeovil Town FC was three days away from being wound up by HMRC under the stewardship of Matthew Uggla. 

Yeovil Town FC, the historic West Country Football Club, known as the FA Cup giant killers before reaching the dizzy heights of the Championship, can be revealed were just three days away from a winding up order by HMRC under the stewardship of Matthew Uggla, who now has invested his parent’s money into York City FC. 

Uggla was announced as Yeovil Town’s steward by the then-current owner, Scott Priestnall, who thought he had a deal with the Uggla family to take over the football club within weeks. 

Uggla had arrived at the iconic club with his dog and filmed himself walking the terraces of Huish Park, promising fans glory and salvage to come in the future. 

Whilst ‘ milking’ the praise from some of the club’s loyal fan base as he paraded himself around the pitch – the cracks soon appeared, and the club started to suffer under his tenure and official title of ‘ Club Steward. ‘ 

Uggla, with no experience in football apart from studying sports at University, was quick to announce Kevin Bond as Director of Football.  Although Kevin Bond, previously the Assistant Manager to Harry Redknapp at Tottenham Hotspur, was never seen or heard of again at Huish Park. 

Despite Bond never appearing as promised, Uggla decided to overrule the club’s outstanding Manager, Mark Cooper, who had remained loyal to the Glovers ( Yeovil Town) after massive success previously at Forrest Green, where he gained promotion. 

Overruling saw players signed the manager didn’t want and transfers quashed when deals were set up for the likes of ex-West Ham United striker Frank Nouble. A position the club were desperate for as the squad lacked goals.


Uggla even turned to the social media channel to lambast his manager, Mark Cooper and accused him of taking ‘ bungs ‘ from agents in some of his tweets whilst citing Cooper as ‘ stealing from club funds’ 

As Yeovil Town’s morale broke under the antics of Matt Uggla – results went against them, and relegation soon followed. 

Insiders at the club told Global247news how Uggla would turn up in the dressing room at halftime under the influence of alcohol and undermine his manager. 

Meanwhile, the club’s loyal band of supporters reported Uggla again under the influence, would start fans chants of ‘ Cooper Out ‘ on the terraces at away games. 

One supporter says: ‘ He was clearly lashed up, we couldn’t believe we had the apparent next club owner, drunk on the terraces calling for the managers head – he wasn’t able to dismiss the manager but was attempting to get the then owner Scott Priestnall to do so – I found it embarrassing.’ 

At the time, stuck in the middle, Director Stuart Robbins, a Mark Cooper advocate, has been quoted as saying, ‘ I’ve never seen anything like it, as he was totally flabbergasted by the public comments and actions of Uggla towards the team manager.


Thankfully for Yeovil Town, local self-made multi-millionaire and club main sponsor Martin Hellier stepped forward to try and purchase his boyhood club and challenge the Uggla family and their son’s antics.

Although a bitter feud was encountered as Uggla turned nasty on social media once again, it wasn’t against Mark Cooper, the manager, but Hellier himself as he challenged the former sports university student, wishing to be the owner. 

 Hellier determined not to allow what he saw as the destruction of his boyhood football club not only had Uggla to deal with but also Scott Priestnall, who point blanket refused to negotiate with the Yeovil-born and bred businessman, whilst waiting for Uggla and his family to complete on their proposed deal.

Heated exchanges took place on and off social media as the club neared extension, but the lowest of the low came from Uggla as he sent vile messages to Hellier on the day he buried his mother.

Hellier was even more determined to save the club, despite the barriers before him.

Global247news can now reveal HMRC informed the Club owner Scott Priestnall – a winding-up order was to be prepared and was given a deadline to settle the club’s debts.

Whilst the pressure piled on off the pitch for the club – Uggla brought in unfit players, placing them on ‘over the top ‘ wages according to inside club sources, whilst in turn leaving the club saddled with further debt.

Hellier’s breakthrough finally came about when Uggla allegedly got drunk again and publically announced that he was pulling out of the Yeovil Town deal, to which now the club was only three days away from being wound up by HMRC. With the hours counting down, Priestnall decided to talk business with Hellier’s lawyers.

Although Global247news can reveal whilst Hellier attempted to complete with Priestnall, Uggla came back in with a second returning offer on the day Hellier finally completed, whilst trying to disable the Hellier deal with a vile trolling campaign aimed at his competitor, Priestnall, luckily for Yeovil fans was out of patience with dealing with Uggla and time was short to avoid the club being wound up.

Since it’s reported, Martin Hellier, the now club chairman, has invested £100,000 into the club every week since his arrival, clearing up much of the financial mess Uggla left behind whilst at the helm as the club steward. That investment comes from his personal company finances, which has also seen the club manager, Mark Cooper, build a decent, promotion-chasing squad for the season.

High Flying Businessman Aiming To The Top With Yeovil Town FC

Meanwhile, having lost out on his purchase of Yeovil Town, Uggla, with his mother, despite investing in National League side York City and becoming 51% major shareholders,  continues to criticize Hellier on social media, rehashing ‘tweets over six months old and totally out of context and many feel designed to attempt to derail Yeovil Town Football Club.

Mum & Son ( Matt Uggla ) Buy Majority Shares In York City Although Not Cleared Yet By FA

Many in the football industry feel Uggla is using distracting measures as he is terrified that York City fans who are currently listening to the same spiel Uggla used on arrival at the Glovers will discover he had not received FA Clearance at the time of his takeover.

As one Yeovil fan told  Global247news yesterday,’ Thank the lord for Martin Hellier – without him, we would no longer have our football club.’

Whilst another took pity on York fans, stating: ‘ I feel for them, they don’t know what they had let themselves in for, according to my friend who works at the hospitality sector at Huish Park, when there Uggla was constantly drunk,  After failing at our club I guess he threw his toys out of his pram and went running to mummy for another go.’

Yesterday, Martin Hellier removed his final parts of Social Media so as not to get distracted from the job ahead and to take Yeovil Town back into the football league.

Although he has made an offer to Matt Uggla to settle scores, a white-collar boxing match at Huish Park with all proceeds to go to charity, whether Uggla accepts is doubtful to Yeovil Town supporters,  life-long loyal supporter  Shaun Cousins said: ‘ More chance of his mother getting in the ring – but if they do accept, Ill be Martin’s corner man.