A Yeovil Town FC ‘ supporter’ has been banned from the teams ground Huish Park.

Darren Mallinson has found himself barred from attending any events at Yeovil Town’s Huish Park after trolling the now Chairman, Martin Hellier, for several months.

Mallinson claimed he was ‘ calling out ‘ the Chairman on social media as he cited him as a bad tempered bully as well as many other accusations, despite the current Chairman investing in excess of a million pounds pre season whilst salvaging the near bankrupt club that was three days from being wound up by HMRC.

Whilst the majority of Yeovil Town’s supporters are right behind their high spending Chairman, internet trolls, who had a feast during the dark days of John Fry, Scott Preistnall ( previous owners) & Matt Uggla who relegated the famous  Somerset club last season, whilst posing as Club Steward and intent on purchasing the club, before his quick exit after relegation.

Now those trolls who fire abuse under fake aliases on occasions or under their own alias are discovering the wrath of the tough businessman and Club Chairman and are being eradicated.

Although banned troll Mallinson has been offered the opportunity to attend Hellier’s Huish Park office to discuss his issues face to face, rather than hiding behind a keyboard.

A YTFC fan who witnessed the events unfold on a fans Facebook page, known as Non League Fans Banter  told Global247news of the events.

He said: ‘ Darren Mallinson for months has been attacking our now new Chairman, both when he was attempting to purchase the club and also now he’s in position and revitalising the Club throughout.

‘ After another attack on Sunday – Hellier quite understandably snapped at the constant abuse and told Mallinson, if he didn’t like it, to contact the club for a refund if he had a season ticket,  although Mallinson then claimed he was ‘ Calling out ‘ the Chairman for being bad tempered and a bully!

‘ Hellier simply banned him  whilst offering him a personal meeting at his office 6pm a week Thursday to listen to his ‘ call out’ and discuss face to face across his desk.

‘ Mallinson, said he would go – but then started making several excuses why he might not attend before deleting himself from the forum. ‘

It’s yet to be seen if the internet troll turns up to the invited meeting, whilst a spokesperson for Hellier told Global247news: ‘ Martin as promised will be waiting in reception at 6PM for Darren Mallinson

‘ Martin has always said he’s open to all fans views and his office door is always open but he will not be tolerating personal abuse, much non related to football or the team.’

It comes at a time when failed club steward and self promoted next club owner, Matt Uggla is using social media to ‘Stoke old fires’ reciting previous disagreements as Hellier fought for his beloved boyhood club.

Uggla appears jealous of Hellier’s achievements, whilst failing to take over the West Country Club despite the financial backing of his rich parents.

Now at York city, who themselves are in the National Lesgue, one above Yeovil Town, Uggla has been taking ‘ Twitter pot shots’ at both the Yeovil Town Chairman and some of its supporters, even going to the extent of claiming one York player was better than the whole Yeovil Town team.

Meanwhile despite the Social Media  claims with what appears as Matt Uggla attempting to disrupt the forwardness of Hellier and Yeovil Town FC, it’s clear the club owner, Martin Helliar will no longer tolerate internet trolls firing abuse at himself, his manager and team whilst the majority of the fan base seem to agree with his sentiment.

Hellier was unavailable for comment yesterday as he took a well deserved break in Europe after investing £100,000 per week since his arrival as Chairman.

Hellier Flys For Deserved Break After Personal Social Media Abuse Despite Saving His Boyhood Club

Yeovil Town now look firm favourites to win the league and promotion back to the National League before tackling the Chairman’s ambition to return to the EFL

Meanwhile the Chairman’s troll has been uncontactable since his comments but Global247news understands the invitation to the Chairman’s office is still in place.

Many now await to see if Darren Mallison keeps his word and attends.