West Ham Fans Claim Under Cover Cardiff City Man Reported Them In Prague

West Ham United Football Fans appear to have been reported to the Police and UEFA by Cardiff City’s Wayne Nash claimed West Ham supporters who went to the UEFA Conference final in Prague.

West Ham supporters claim they have tracked down an undercover Welshman who reported fans to UEFA and the police.

The man in question is revealed as Wayne Nash, who filmed West Ham Supporters at the European Final held in Prague.

Since the reports it’s claimed by West Ham fans, supporters of the famous East end-based London club have been banned with sanctions taken against travelling supporters to Europe next season.

Now fans, some who claim to be innocent of any activities apart from throwing plastic beer glasses whilst celebrating their win, feel they have tracked down the man who saw them banned.

Wayne Nash, it seems, made the mistake of placing footage on Twitter on the night. During the final, supporters looked into why a Cardiff City FC staff member was among West Ham supporters.


Whilst filming West Ham fans celebrating, Nash tweeted,’ I gotta say that selling drinks in hard plastic glasses is almost as daft as aimlessly throwing them!’ under his private account @WNashCardiff.

Fans found it strange that a Cardiff City-related man was at the final in the first instance, especially as there was a shortage of tickets for supporters of West Ham, with only a 5,000 allocation.

They looked into his background and quickly discovered he was head of operations at Cardiff City FC; he is also a National Security Officer for the FAW and a security officer for UEFA.

One of the banned supporters told Global247news:

‘ Nash is the man who reported us all; all I did was throw my beer up in the air as we celebrated with the team; he made the mistake of posting to Twitter for us to track him down; it took 5 minutes to work out who the grass was.

‘ He can’t be very bright, grassing up West Ham fans and posting to Twitter at the same time; surely a security officer for UEFA would have more sense? – he gave the game away.

‘ Now we know where he lives in Wales, a village called St Hilary, near Cowbridge in the Vale Of Glamorgan, and we know Cardiff City employs him.

‘ West Ham lads aren’t happy at all; that’s all I’m going to say further.’