Silverdalecarsuk, who trades on eBay, fail to refund a Scottish pensioner despite promises to do so fully.

Silverdalecarsuk, based in Leicester, trades on eBay selling second cars and has failed to refund a customer despite promises from the business fully.


Global247news reported last week the plight of Goran Bonar, who had waited nearly two months for the delivery of a car he purchased from Silverdalscarsuk advertised as delivery the next day available.

The Car That Never Arrived From Silverdaleuk

Despite demands and excuses from the business owner, who refers to himself as Zane, Bonar did on Friday receive a refund some weeks later on a car advertised with next-day delivery available,.

Although the Scottish pensioner was shocked to see he was £469, short of what he paid.

The £469 was charged to Mr Bonar for the delivery of the car to Scotland, which never materialized, leaving the Scotsman anxious he would lose the £5,469 total.

Siverdalecarsuk also confirmed to Global247news that Bonar would be reimbursed by the end of the week.

Although they claimed they could only send £5000 last Friday due to a payment limit on their bank account.

Then on Monday it was a different excuse when Gordon chased for his balance, this time being told they were waiting to get a refund from the car transporter company before they could afford to refund him.

Gordan Bonar advised us: ‘ Once again, they are ignoring my messages; Silverdalecarsuk are quite frankly hopeless; first, I’ve been told so many stories from Silverdalecarsuk I don’t know fact from fiction, what I do know is that they owe me £469.

‘ I would advise everybody to avoid these motor traders like the plaque – unless you want terrible customer service and maybe like me not see the car you purchased.

‘I’m now going to the small claims court to issue a County Court Summons and if they don’t pay I will send in the Ballif’s when I get a County Court Judgement registered on their business’ finished the frustrated pensioner.