Yeovil Town Council failed to check facts after receiving a complaint from a killjoy residing in Highfield Road.

A Killjoy residing in Highfield Road, Yeovil, Somerset, attempted to ruin a Children’s eighth birthday party and has now reported the family to the Yeovil Town Council.

Although it appears that the Yeovil Town Council did not check any facts before issuing the child’s family with a warning letter.

The situation first arose when the little boy’s mother and grandfather exited out of their back gate on Chelston Avenue to gather ideas of placing a treasure hunt; when they were approached by the Killjoy, who tried to the family, they couldn’t hold it as it was private land.

Whilst not getting into a debate despite the mother of the child being upset by the man’s rudeness, after taking advice from others regarding the man’s claims – the treasure hunt took place on the Sunday.

The treasure hunt was the simple hiding of sweets with clues to where to find them out the rear of the house, which lasted no more than ten minutes.

Footage seen by Global247news demonstrated the innocence of the sweet treasure hunt and to which the participating children were on open land and nowhere near the nearby fenced-off allotments.

Despite this, the Highfield Road Killjoy made a complaint to the Yeovil Town Council, who fired off a ‘warning’ letter to the family without checking the facts of the situation.

Letter From Yeovil Town Council

Global247news went along to Chelston Avenue to investigate the matter with many residents in the street, with only one receiving a letter, despite the letter indicating all the road had received one.

Attending the rear of Chelston Avenue, despite the claims of the Highfield Rd complainant of it all being private property, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

No private property signs are in place, and the council-owned private allotment is fenced off away from the public access avenues.

Each home also has a rear gate to the ‘lane’ behind.


Road to the rear of properties off a public road



Rear lane behind properties where children’s treasure hunt took place


Residents need access to their garages


Each garden has an access gate to the rear lane.


Private allotment well-fenced off from the rear lane

A resident not associated with the young children’s family said:

‘ Yeovil Town Council are dithering idiots; it’s typical of them to jump to conclusions and send out that letter without checking the facts of the situation; you only have to look at the state of the town itself to see they are totally incompetent, one grumpy old man sends a complaint, and they don’t even check to see if he’s telling the truth

‘ I watched the treasure hunt, and it was 10 minutes if that of young children looking for sweets in the rear lane supervised by the child’s Grandfather and Mother.

‘ I spoke with the mother, and she told me how the man had moaned earlier in the week when she and her Father were working out where to hide the sweets; she said that the grumpy old man told her everything, including the rear lane was private property and to use it she would need to pay the Council £200 per year, I told her it was nonsense and to ignore the old fool.

‘She was horrified to receive the letter from Yeovil Town Council, which clearly was sent without checking any facts after receiving a complaint from the Killjoy, who obviously just wanted to ruin the kid’s party,’ he finished.

Yeovil Town Council even failed to sign the letter, so no contact was approachable to put the record straight.