Looking your best all the time takes time, effort, and dedication. You will rarely find that outfits and looks simply fall together. To be that well-dressed guy you want to be, you need to think about what you are wearing, and this starts with thinking about what is featured in your closet. Investing your time and energy into dressing well will help you feel super confident at all times.

Know Your Color Palette

One of the first things you need to do is establish what colours work well for you. Which colours work well for you and for your skin tone and eye color? There may be colours and tones that you like the look of, but this doesn’t mean that they are going to work well for you. So, what color palette is working for you, and what colours make you feel good? After all, you don’t want to wear a colour you don’t like just because it suits you. If you are unsure about what colours, shades, and tones suit you, then reach out to a stylist for a colour consultation.

Invest in Good Quality

After establishing what colours and shades work well, it is then time to start investing in good quality. You want clothing and shoes to last. Cheap, fast fashion may look good for one or two uses, but how will it look and feel after a couple of wears? The answer is not very good. This is why you should take the plunge and purchase goodquality footwear. This will last much longer and look great for longer. If you want to further extend its life, you may want to purchase some Saphir Renovateur Crème from burrowsandhare.co.uk. You will find that you can wear your high-quality shoes with many outfits and feel confident knowing that your fine smooth leather shoes will stand the test of time.

Details are Always Important

You know that the colour and quality of footwear and clothing is key to dressing well. However, did you know that the devil is in the details? Often the finishing touches matter just as much as the essential pieces of clothing. For example, the details that are featured on your shirts are just as important as the stitching that is on your trousers. Embrace details and learn how to highlight them when putting together an outfit.

Accessories Matter

How often do you accessorize your current looks and outfits? The answer is probably not enough. Accessories such as cufflinks, belts, and even braces can change how an outfit looks (and, therefore, how it makes you feel). When you are deciding which accessories to add, you need to try and visualize the end look first. When you know what look you are going for, you are then aware of what accessories you need.

Go For a Good Fit

To be well dressed, you need to make sure that your clothes feel comfortable to wear. If clothes are a poor fit, then they will not be comfortable, and this will have an impact on the look you are going for. Quality and fit are important, so work with your body shape as much as you can and complement it where possible.