Fears Of Child Death By Dangerous Parent Parking At Milford Junior School Yeovil cause concern to residents.

Residents in Yeovil fear a child death could occur if parents park their cars badly at the Milford Junior School entrance on Chelston Avenue.

Following complaints by residents who live on the street, Global247news took to Yeovil’s streets to see the current situation.

Meeting some of the complainants who reside in the street of Chelston Avenue, it was apparent it was only a matter of time until an unfortunate situation could occur as young children left school.

Idiotic Parking At School Gates With Unsupervised Child Left In Car

Some of the parent’s parking was atrocious, with one parent parking at a road junction and leaving his car with another young child sitting in the passenger seat unrestrained.

Meanwhile, other parents in high numbers parked on double yellow lines blocking opposite pavements young children needed to reach.

Father Dumps Child And Car At Junction As He Heads To School Gates

Whilst this severe situation takes place as a daily occurrence, there was not a traffic warden in sight.

James Ward told Global247news: We haven’t seen a traffic warden here for years or a policeperson; in my opinion, the wardens concentrate on easy pickings in the town centre, and we all know the police can’t be bothered; they will only attend when it’s too late!

‘It’s a disaster waiting to happen’ he finished.

Bad Parking On Double Yellow Lines

Mary Winterburn, another complainant, said: ‘There have been many near misses, and still nothing is done about it, and half these parents are just lazy and could park safely elsewhere and walk to the gates; it appears the local authorities just ignore the situation’.

Global247news showed the images taken today to a driving and safety expert, Andrew Waddell, who stated:

‘ These parents are oblivious to the dangers they are placing young children in.

‘The parking by the man who left his car at the junction with a young child in it is some of the worst parking I have seen in years.

‘Leaving an unsupervised child in a car on a road junction whilst he waits at the gates as he blocks the exit forcing other car drivers wide is simply idiotic – the police should deal with him. Personally, I feel action should be taken.’

Waddell said, ‘ If this sort of parking and abuse of the road system continues, I fully endorse the residents’ fear of a child death taking place.

Idiotic Father Stands At Gates Whilst His Young Son Left Parked On Junction