70-Year-Old Pensioner Awaits Refund After eBay Disaster

Gordon Bonar from Fife in Scotland thought he had found a great deal on eBay when searching for a new car advertised with next-day delivery. 

Although while paying £5000 for the car and an extra £469 for delivery – six weeks later, the car had still not been delivered. 

Gordon,, a 70-year-old pensioner whose elderly wife has been hospitalized recently, made an attempt after attempt to trace his purchase to no avail. 

Speaking to Global247news yesterday, he told:

“ I’ve been going around and around in circles trying to get my purchase delivered; it;  has been so stressful, especially with my wife being in hospital.

“ I bought the car from what looked like a reputable dealer associated with the RAC, based in Leicester, and the advertisement stated next-day delivery, although it’s undoubtedly incorrect“ I’m still waiting, I even tried to have the car collected twice; but again to no avail, “he added as he contacted Global247news.

“ Now I just want my money back”, he stressed.

Advertised As Next Day Delivery

Global247news has been in contact with the car dealership and contact with the owner of the business in regards to a refund. 

The car dealer said: 

“ it’s a matter of miscommunication, we are not a large business, and our money is tied up in stock; we don’t have £5,000 in the business to refund Mr Mrnar instantly – although we will find it and refund him by the end of the week”.

The Leicester-based business that operates on eBay has assured Global247news that a refund will be made by Friday. 

Global private investigator David Hammond has agreed not to name the garage at this current time as long as the refund is made by Friday 5 PM. 

Hammond said: 

“ I’ve investigated this situation and the trading business involved. I’ve agreed with the business owner on a deadline to make payment and, at this stage, don’t wish to comment further.  Let’s see if the payment arrives in Mr Bonar’s account first.

“ In the event, it doesn’t, we will continue with the investigation and name the business involved so others are not caught up in the same scenario”, he finished.