Welshman survives after swallowing sausage at new South Wales Cafe.

A newly opened cafe called Badmans Cafe rescued Andrew Parcells from Taffs Well as he accidentally swallowed on a giant sausage.

Parcells had heard fantastic reviews of the newly opened cafe and decided to go and try the full English breakfast with his friend before attending the Pride celebrations and marches in Cardiff; although, whilst talking to the new staff accidentally sucked down on the large banger which got stuck in his throat, causing him lack of air and he hit the floor chocking.

Thankfully for the sausage lover, the staff at Badmans Cafe are fully trained in first aid, and a waitress named Kiera came to the rescue, performing the Heimlich manoeuvre and unblocking his airways.

Life Saver Kiera

Parcells told Global247news:

Andrew Parcells

‘ The girl saved my life; It was my own stupid fault; people who know me know I like to talk; I was chatting whilst I put the sausage in my mouth and accidentally swallowed it into my throat.

‘ All of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe and hit the deck, and that’s when the beautiful Kiera came to my rescue.

‘ I still finished my excellent breakfast though, which I have to say is a cracker and certainly one of the best in Wales’

Parcells then went on to say, ‘I still made it to Cardiff for the Pride celebrations, but I will in future talk less when eating; that’s for sure it was a real scare.’