Yeovil resident startled by the Somerton street slasher as she strikes again.

A smartly dressed woman going around the streets of Somerset Village Somerton who lifts her skirt and takes a wee in front of people has struck again, shocking Yeovil resident Natalie Quinn.

Natalie, the daughter of the late legendary comedian Jimmy Quinn had taken her daughter to Somerton to visit the pizza van.

Although she got more than she bargained for when the serial ‘street slasher.’  came around the corner as she parked up and lifted her skirt, and took a wee in front of her before running off laughing.

‘ I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.’ Natalie told Global247news – ‘ I had heard and read about this woman on social media but never expected to become a victim of her exposure.

‘She was so quick in lifting her skirt, I don’t think she could have worn underwear as her actions of weeing were so quick, leaving a huge puddle before darting off laughing at me; it was like something out of a Two Ronnies sketch.’ she said.

Natalie Quinn the daughter of the late legendry Jimmy Quinn the latest victim

‘ I tried to get a photo of her, but she was quick, and all I got was an image of the huge trade mark puddle she leaves behind; I spoke to a local and was told the police have been trying to catch her for weeks now to no avail’ Natalie added.

‘ There’s no way she had nickers on, I could never get mine down that fast’ she finished.

Meanwhile, according to Peter Withe, who lives in the normally quiet town, it’s around the 25th time the slasher has struck in front of victims.

‘It’s getting beyond a joke now; it’s becoming an embarrassing situation in the town, I’ve heard of a country wee, but this is taking the piss literally; we’ve now got people visiting the town in the hope of seeing the slasher in action, it has to stop!