Passengers were shocked by an abusive and arrogant bus driver who injured a woman who had just left the hospital in Yeovil.

Bus passengers couldn’t believe what they witnessed as they travelled on the public bus from Taunton to Yeovil on Thursday.

 As the bus driver got into arguments with other road users and abused and injured passengers- one who had only just left the hospital. 

According to eyewitnesses on the public bus, it was the ‘ journey from hell’ as the abusive and aggressive driver ranted and raved. 

The first tantrum of the driver took place in one of the in-between village stops on the route after he left a passenger stumbling down the aisle as she attempted to depart the bus. 

Not noticing the elderly lady was getting off, he pulled away abruptly, sending her tumbling before she shouted, ‘ STOP.’ 

As the driver stopped, she gathered herself back to her feet; as she departed the bus dazed, the bus driver shouted at her loudly, ‘ Well, thank you, driver,’ sarcastically. 

Eyewitness William Peters, travelling to Yeovil, told Global247news: 

“ I couldn’t believe what I saw – I live in London, and whilst I know bus drivers are genuinely rude, this one was unbelievable; I don’t know how he gets away with it. He had no patience, just wanted to get away, and never used his mirrors to see who was getting off; of course, the elderly are far slower, but he pulled off sending her flying and verbally abused her as she got off.”

Although this was just the start of the journey, as William Peters explained:

“As we got to the town of Yeovil, we came to an abrupt stop; he started shouting at another road user outside a row of shops on Greenwood Road; he was shouting, ‘ Are you for real? – then ‘ Come on, hurry up, I’m trying to get through before gesturing with his hands in the air whilst shouting at the top of his voice,  “Are you going to get moving or what?” – I looked out the window to see who and what he was on about, I couldn’t believe it was the driver of the local community bus assisting a disabled old lady into her home, I couldn’t believe he had no understanding whatsoever. Meanwhile, it was as if he was putting on a show for the passengers; he was that loud and aggressive, but he wasn’t; he was a man who didn’t enjoy his job with no patience and demonstrated that through his aggression.”

Worse was still yet to come, though, at the end of the journey as the aggravated bus driver neared Yeovil Bus Station.

Eyewitness Andy Pursells travelling into the town from Wales, described the events; he told Global247news:

” We came to a stop outside a hospital – quite a lot of relieved passengers got off, with one man having a stern word with the driver; he looked and sounded like a daily user of the service,  – anyway I didn’t hear what was said, but the driver just shook his head in denial.”

” Then a lady who had her arm in strapping/ plaster cast enquired for a ticket and a possible route, to which he shouted at her, ” NO – I don’t know anything about all that; I’m going to Yeovil Bus Station only, now hurry up I’m late are you getting on or not? ”

Andy further explained:

” The hospital patient struggled with one arm to reach her bag to pay as he again, this time saying, ‘ Today would be nice, as the woman proceeded to make payment, she started walking towards the seats whilst the aggressive driver pulled out the bus stop like Lewis Hamilton coming off the starting grid, sending the woman flying down the aisle landing on a seat, injuring her bad arm, she was clearly in a lot of pain.”

Passenger Struggles After Being Flung Down The Bus

Andy went on to say, ‘ The journey was surreal; I don’t think that driver should be behaving like that at all, I usually find Somerset bus drivers friendly in this neck of the woods, but this one was terrible, how he’s In a public position of driving a bus of passengers, I just don’t know – the bus company certainly should look at his behaviour!’

Abusive And Aggresive Bus Driver