Hellier Group Offer To Sub Yeovil Town Players After Club Fails To Pay Them

Martin Hellier Offers To Sub Players Their Wages Over Bank Holiday Weekend After Yeovil Town Football Club Fails Its Staff  Payroll

Martin Hellier, Chairman of the Hellier Group, has urged Yeovil Town players to contact him if they are struggling over the Bank Holiday weekend after the club failed to pay its payroll on Friday.

The Group Chairman says he will give any member of the playing staff a ‘sub’ if they require money; they need to contact him.

Contrary to many beliefs, non-league football players earn a standard working man’s wage, unlike league players, with the highest earner on the payroll only reaching approx 60k before tax, whilst other players get as little as £15k per annum.

Hellier, currently on business in NYC, tweeted:

#YTFC nice bank holiday weekend for the lads with no money and end-of-month direct debits – how to give and end of-season thanks for all your efforts. (When all your big ‘owner’ talk comes to one embarrassing conclusion).”

Followed by

“#YTFC – any players or staff left high and dry – end of month/bank holiday. I’ll happily sub you. Drop me a message. Wicked treatment. So sorry for you x”

Before finishing with:

“#YTFC Wholesale betrayal. Fans, players, staff and community. Shame on your dishonesty. You know who you are.”

The football club is rumoured to be on the brink of Administration as it’s saddled with debt despite the South Somerset District Council buying the club’s stadia and surrounding lands for 2.8 million pounds.

Although records show at Companies House, the funds never reached the football club but paid off loans taken out by present club owner Scott Priestnall.

The club itself made a brief statement on Friday, promising staff and players would be paid on Tuesday; it’s unknown now if the Administrator will make the payments, which would be one of their first duties in attempting to salvage a company.

All club directors and so-called ‘stewards’ of the cash-strapped football outfit have failed to make any further comment further causing further concerns for the club’s loyal fan base.