Hellier Group Offer To Sub Yeovil Town Players After Club Fails To Pay Them

Breaking News Yeovil Town FC  Need To Find 100k By Monday To Avoid Administration

Yeovil Town slumped 0-3 in the final game of the season but matters were even worse when admin  staff within the club revealed tonight that current  owner Scott Preistnall had lost his developer and future financier whilst the club has a deadline of Monday to find £100,000 or face administration.

Although tonight local self made businessman And supporter / main sponsor, Martin Hellier has come forward to offer 2 million pounds in an attempt to save the club.

Following Yeovil’s defeat today, and the last home game for YTFC before entering NLS, Hellier has told us, “We will invest £2million pounds into YTFC, if Priestnall transfers all buy back rights to the stadium and surrounding land, and we vow to reunite the surrounding land back to a YTFC trading business”. He appealed to Priestnall to see sense and accept this deal, before the club inevitably goes into administration.

meanwhile Hellier defied a so called ban by the clubs steward, Matt Uggla and attended his box as normal with his son Jack.

More news to follow on this breaking story out of the club tonight