It couldn’t get worse at non-league Yeovil Town Football Club as potential owner Matt Uggla slams manager Mark Cooper after defeat on Twitter.

Yeovil Town FC’s current self-acclaimed ‘ chief steward’ Matt Uggla has embarrassed himself tonight in the football community by calling out his underfunded professional football manager on social media.

The current Yeovil Town manager Mark Cooper was slaughtered on Twitter by the pending self-acclaimed owner despite having a full pedigree in football management.

Uggla, the son of a rich businessman with no football experience, took to social media to attack his current manager after a loss at home to Dorking Town.

Although he quickly deleted his comments, which appeared to be in a booze/drug-related rant unprecedented in football circles, fans saw them quickly and saved them as screenshots. No doubt, advisors embarrassed by the comments told the young potential club owner to remove them.

Fans, though, were quick to screenshot and send to Global247news; the messages tweeted by Uggla read as criticising not only the manager but also questioning dealings with football agents and insinuating ‘ bung deals’ by the current manager.




The tweets accusing the experienced football manager of bullying players and being involved with agents’ fees were quickly deleted.

Meanwhile, supporters of the club are not surprised by the reaction as they reported to Global247news saying:

” He’s on the beer as soon as he arrives at the Stadium; he soaks up the adulation  even though he hasn’t completed the deal yet, – his eyes are always well-glazed when you see him, his reaction tonight to me on Twitter fully demonstrates that – I saw he called out his manager and then, no doubt advised, deleted all comments, to me its defamation of character towards Mark Cooper.”

“More concerning is what manager would next take the job if this takes place? ”

Another supporter in the local Bee Hive pub remarked: ” What has this club come to when we have a 28-year-old kid acting this way?  We are doomed and likely to go bust, in my opinion.’