Yeovil Town Football Club: New 'Owner' Matt Uggla Blames His Manager Mark Cooper

Matt Uggla, the potential new owner of Yeovil Town Football Club, slams his manager on a social media rant as the once famous club faces yet another relegation as they look to bomb out of the National League.

The once-famous football club Yeovil Town now look to plunge out of the National League with another home loss, although fans tonight couldn’t believe their eyes as the current ‘ potential’ owner started laying blame at the door on Twitter at the current manager Mark Cooper.

Cooper, who has a wealth of experience in football circles with a proven track record of gaining promotion, came under fire on the social media platform from Matt Uggla, who self-claims to be the current steward of the club whilst his newly formed company SU Glovers claims to be taking over the club, although a takeover deal that has yet to be completed despite several promises to supporters.

Uggla, a 28-year-old with no football experience, steamed into his keyboard rants after the club manager claimed in a few after-match interviews that he couldn’t sign experienced players to avoid the relegation drop, including the signing of former West Ham United’s Frank Nouble. Nouble having scored today for bitter rivals Torquay Utd.

It comes after just a few days of Uggla backing the club manager, with fans tonight sitting in disappear of the unprofessionalism of the self-acclaimed ‘ Club Steward.’

After reading the Twitter rant, supporter David Giles told Global247news this evening:

” All the 50 years or so I’ve supported this great club – I have never seen such unprofessionalism in all my time; we have a 28-year-old kid with no experience whatsoever belittling a professional football manager on social media; it’s the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen happen at our club, well actually anywhere in football.

” The club has become a complete pantomime; we are a pathetic show on and off the pitch.”

The latest saga comes after Uggla banned from the ground the club’s main sponsor Martin Hellier, who will now withdraw his sponsorship after another social media public battle.

Hellier, who himself offered to purchase the club and provide the current manager with large funding to ensure the club avoided relegation, finds himself ousted from the club he’s supported for over 40 years, despite offering to buy the club outright and put in place experienced football players as well as bringing in a football structure to be led by coaches in the game of great experience.

Hellier having lined up Kevin Cooper to return from Malaysia, where he has built a football infrastructure for Billionaire and Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan. Meanwhile, it’s understood both Terry Burton, former Arsenal coach,  and Alex Armstrong, the former New Zealand assistant manager, were ready to head to the Somerset Town to assist in the rebuilding of the football club, whilst legendary Robbie Fowler was prepared to come in as Striker coach, although everything was scuppered when current owner, Scott Priestnall refuted Hellier’s offer instead opting for a ‘deal’ with Uggla.

After tonight’s latest spat by Uggla, it looks highly likely, the once-famous FA Cup giant killers and former Championship Club will yet again be without a manager, facing next season in the lowly National League South and maybe facing financial ruin and going out of existence.