Fed Up Yeovil Town FC Fans Prepare To Storm Club Board Room With Speculation Rife

Yeovil Town FC football fans prepare to storm boardroom in defiance

Suffering supporters of Yeovil Town Football Club are preparing mass demonstrations and plan to storm the boardroom on March 4th.

The club’s loyal supporters who fear for the future of the club, are to protest at next Saturday’s home game, including the storming of the directors club boardroom to demand answers as the club spirals both financially and down the league table towards yet another relegation.

Supporters of the club who recently set up the ‘ Glovers Union’ now have their own website where they are appealing to fellow supporters to sign a petition whilst stating their demands, addressed to the current club’s shareholders – it reads:


Chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club, Scott Priestnall, and Director of Yeovil Town Football Club Stuart Robins.

We the fans feel utterly betrayed by your lack of communication, your lack of investment, and what appears to be the demise of our beloved football club due to the greed and ambitions of Scott Priestnall, and the mismanagement of the club since his tenure began.

We hereby advise that unless a meeting has taken place by Thursday 2nd March, with elected representatives from support groups, to meet with you and have questions, pivotal to the future of our club answered, then know this:


We await your response to info@gloversunion.co.uk

We will not repeat our request to you on this matter, and further escalating protests are planned thereafter.

If you refuse to afford us this small request, we will then begin canvassing the local residents with a view to objecting ‘wholesale’ to Scott Priestnell’s development plans, followed by a planned march on the council offices, to further voice our deep concerns.

You have been advised. We await your response.

It’s now understood that many long-standing supporters from both the past as well as present plan to storm the boardroom for direct answers upon hearing on the terraces and around the vicinity, which are pushing supporters over the edge, with emotions running high.

Close sources have revealed that the speculation circulates around the fact current major shareholder stonewalled bids from local multi-millionaire businessman Martin Hellier, who was prepared to invest heavily to salvage the club from potential administration or liquidation.

Close sources have informed Global247news that Scott Priestnall stonewalled Martin Hellier’s bids, despite being the favored fans’ successor, after being told by the Hellier group chairman, he would not come in on the proposed land development, with Hellier citing it as ‘ A gross portrayal of the fans trust and a blatant asset strip of the stadium and grounds as a community asset.

In early negotiations, the source revealed that Priestnall had offered Hellier his 80 percent shareholding in the football club for a single pound as he had no interest in the club, only the development value of the land at Huish Park.

The source also revealed that Hellier planned to install himself as the club owner, with a view to fighting the plans from the inside out, utilizing The Sports Council’s overriding power over South Somerset District Council, to block ‘ the land snatch’ whilst the source revealed Preistnall got to hear about Hellier’s plans and swiftly pulled the plug on any deal despite Hellier bring a war chest of hard cash in terms of player investment and stadia upgrades.

It’s also alleged that Director Stuart Robins’s initial investment of a reported 200k kept the club afloat this season as the club runs on a very tight shoestring with the team not even being able to afford enough players to fill the substitutes bench in recent games. Sources also claim the investment by Robins for Preistnall then to make a quick exit from the club selling his shares of 80 percent to Hellier but the long delays in the planning application and the rapid decline of the football club in the National League were something the current owner had not accounted for.

It’s now estimated the 2ook invested by Robins has been swallowed up by the club and is now losing in the region of £40,000 per month even before the rent of £50,000 a quarter kicks into play. The club also has a whopping 1 million debt to the Sports Council.

Many key local suppliers are owed several thousands of pounds and are now refusing further supply, fearing they will never see their invoices paid, fearing the club will fold.

Whilst supporters this week appear to have been pushed over the brink after Director Stuart Robins gave an interview where he praised the hard efforts of current owner Priestnall, which has now led to fans gathering and preparing to storm the boardroom in demand for answers, one of those supporters and long-standing season ticket holder, Ex firefighter, Brain Sharp said: We’ve had enough, it’s time to fight back, we want Hellier in and Preistnall out and clearly his side kick Robins,  defending Priesntall was a ‘ car crash of an interview, I want direct answers, not speeches that resemble politicians and I with others will be heading into the boardroom for them.

Tonight the Hellier Group announced they are to withdrawal their major sponsorship of the club.