Sources Reveal Why Moyes Contract Not Terminated At West Ham

West Ham manager remains in charge whilst the new Sporting Director settles into position.

Under pressure, Premiership football manager David Moyes remains at the helm at West Ham United despite statistics demonstrating as the least-performing manager in the premier league for the last 12 months.

Now whilst the mass majority of West Ham fans across the globe question why the club’s board of directors have not stepped into sacking him from his tenure – sources have revealed the reasons why the board have been hesitant when in normal circumstances, change of manager would have been the obvious route as West Ham United face a relegation battle.

Close London sources have revealed that the reason the board have not departed with Moyes is that Mark Noble is starting in his new role on January 1st as the clubs Sporting Director; the source revealed:

” The Board felt it would be unfair on Mark Noble to start his new role of advising the board on all football matters without a manager, one of his first roles as he’s plunged into his first role away from the pitch will be to access the current situation

” In future, the board will take direction from Noble on all footballing matters, so didn’t feel it was correct to remove a manager whilst days later starting a new Sporting Director – It is as simple as that, If and when Noble advises them the manager needs to be replaced, that’s when the change will be seen”

Although Noble himself, in the recent past, has been a big advocate of the long-established Premier manager, whether that remains now he needs to perform in his new role remains to be seen whilst explaining why the board will wait until at least the end of the month to review.