A predicted takeover of Yeovil Football Club fails to transpire

Yeovil Town football fans got into a frenzy last night as an unknown self-claimed journalist took to Twitter to state the club had finally been taken over and was to be announced today.

Although fans waited with bated breath in the hope that current hated owner Scott Priestnall was finally departing – nothing transpired.

The self-claimed journalist, going by the name of Jaques Talbot, had taken to Twitter with his announcement that left current club director Stuart Robbins flummoxed and hundreds of Town supporters. Despite this, the rumour mill hit overtime around the town and across social media.

Unheard Of Journalist?

In more extraordinary scenes, Talbot then released a YouTube video this morning, slamming Club director Robbins and Martin Hellier, who is attempting to buy the club,  whilst attempting to back up his claims, whilst not presenting any facts.

Some fans found it hilarious as the self-claimed Journalist sat in his filthy-grained vest in his bedroom in front of Ikea furniture, unshaven, using foul language attempting to back up his claims.

The link below – Warning Explicit Language Do Not Watch If Offended


As the day transpired, Talbot failed to answer any questions on social media whilst abusing some of the Town’s fans who posed them to him.  Talbot has also failed, so far, to provide any other journalist articles to whom he claims writes for many national titles.

Fans want Preistnall Out

Global247news requested an interview with Talbot but as, so far, has declined the request.

A businessman closely following the actions of the day with intrigue told Global247news. 

” It was comedy gold; a bedroom wannabe football agent was claiming to be a journalist just rolled out of bed, telling football fans a takeover was to be announced today – his information came from someone who called him whilst he was in bed!

” Walter Mitty came to mind, looking for attention or to try and gain subscribers to his YouTube channel; come on, football takeovers don’t take place during the Christmas holidays! – You try getting a commercial lawyer during the holiday season; surely any journalist knows that!

” It was good entertainment, though, whilst nothing was on the TV.