Welsh Chicken Bone Rescue Saves Man Choking On Christmas Day

Taffs Well man’s life was saved as he choked on a chicken bone on Christmas Day.

Taffs Well man Andrew Parcells had a lucky escape from death on Christmas Day as he started choking on a chicken bone.

Thankfully neighbours came to the rescue as they heard the drama unfold through their wall.

Disgusted by this year’s Turkey prices and shortages, Parcells was donated a chicken by a farmer at his local pub in the Welsh village just outside Cardiff.

Days before the special day, the Taffs Well resident was delighted with his ‘free bird’ and took to plucking his welcomed gift, especially as it was free, and he would be dining alone on Christmas Day.

Although as dinner time arrived, the father of one tucked into his prize bird, and it wasn’t long before he started choking and struggling to breathe loudly as he struck straight into a large bone.

Quick thinking neighbour, who doesn’t wish to be named, heard the commotion from her upstairs flat and took to her window to see the portly Welshman rolling on the path to his front door as he gasped for air.

The heroine neighbour dashed down the flight of flat stairs and performed The Heimlich manoeuvre.

She put her hand into a fist and placed it on Parcells abdomen, just above their navel. She used her free hand to grip her fist and press into the man’s large abdomen in an upward motion. She repeated this method eight times until the large bone was released.

Parcells told Global247news of his near-death experience as he said:

A relived Parcells celebrates his rescue with friends

‘ My upstairs neighbour saved my life; she will be a hero in my book forever; I thought I was a gonna,

‘She will never have to buy a drink in the pub again- I owe her everything; I hope she never moves; she was my Christmas angel for sure.

‘ I do like chicken, and I do like to watch the pennies, but next time I will buy a bird with a bit more meat on it, I think.’

Meanwhile, his shy heroine said: ‘ I just did what anybody else would do Andrew is the perfect neighbour, and I’m sure he would do the same for me.’

Although friends of Parcells nicknamed ‘Nips’ were less sympathetic, Steven Thomas said after hearing about his friend’s drama:

‘ He’s so tight, he would take the sugar out of your tea, that will teach him for eating an Ethiopian chicken, but seriously I’m glad he survived; we won’t hear the end of it though for years to come unless he eats another one of course’ he laughed.