Yeovil Residents Hope MP Marcus Fysh Time Is Up

Residents hope time is called on their local MP Marcus Fysh, as the homeless sleep on his doorstep.

Residents in the market town of Yeovil in South Somerset are hoping whilst the Tory government battle for survival that the end is nigh for their current MP Marcus Fysh.

Fysh, the controversial MP for Yeovil, claims to be a strong voice for the area whilst homeless people are sleeping on his doorstep in sub-zero temperatures, an image that has shocked town residents.

Images emerged last night of homeless persons in minus six temperatures being forced to sleep on the doorstep of the Conservative member of parliament, an image that residents in the town say sums up perfectly the lack of interest and actions by their current MP. With the Tory party in disarray and being blamed for the current cost of living crisis, residents are praying it won’t be long until the MP is finally replaced with someone who cares about the region.

Standing in the town centre today, resident John Scott said: ‘ That image sums up Marcus Fysh, who hasn’t done anything for this area since being our MP; look at the state of the place for starters.

‘Ironically, the homeless are sleeping on his office doorstep, albeit he is never seen around here anyway’, he finished.

Another resident claimed nobody wants Fysh as their MP and that he’s only in position after riding on the coattails of the Tory party; Francis Wilson said:

‘ The images are disgusting, but they do portray the lack of interest of Fysh in the area; nobody wants him as our MP and let’s face it,  he’s only in the position as the majority at the General Elections wanted a Conservative government, although that now is decreasing in numbers due to the current crisis the UK faces under their leadership.’

Conservative MP Marcus Fysh has previously been ordered to apologise after being found to have breached the MP’s Code of Conduct.

Parliament’s standards watchdog found that he failed to register several unpaid directorships.

He was also criticised for his “deprecatory” and “patronising” tone towards the Standards Commissioner during inquiries into the breach.

He was told to apologise in a personal Commons statement.

The Standards Committee criticised the MP for Yeovil for “unacceptable” behaviour following a complaint that Mr Fysh’s registration of financial interests was inaccurate in a report.

It appears the residents have had enough of his behaviour and lack of interest in their town and want him replaced as soon as possible.

Yeovil Residents Hope MP Marcus Fysh Time Is Up