Wales Fan 'Leftie Lee' Says Qatar Is Class No Migrant Issues

Welsh political left winger says there are no issues with migrants in Qatar, and the country is class.

Football fans and members of the Welsh public are reeling in shock at a notorious ‘left winger’ when it comes to political views after Lee Aherne took to social media to state ‘Qatar is class’ and there are no issues for the migrants who live there and said not to listen to the Western media propaganda.

Mr Aherne is well-known in football circles, especially with Welsh and Cardiff City supporters, for his extreme left-wing political views, and he’s astounded fans that firstly he went to the World Cup and his comments now whilst in the middle east.

He’s known amongst thousands of residents in Wales as ‘ Leftie Lee’

He also claimed, although all the media reports of migrant deaths whilst tournament stadia were being constructed, that ‘Only three lost their lives.

Aherne told  everyone,’ I have spoken to migrants and they love living here, don’t believe everything you see or read from western reports’

It came in retaliation as his friend Steve Hamer, accused him of selling his left-wing morales.  He then turned towards the Englishman’s standpoint.

He cited the Englishman with ‘ I just don’t get English people like Steve thinking we live in a place with such high morals; we are feeding the Ukraine war machine, selling arms to the Saudi’s friends of Isreal, caused havoc in Afghanistan and Iraq and he’s looking at Qatar.’

It wasn’t long before his political arch-rival, right winger Steven Thomas waded into Aherne, saying he was talking rubbish as usual and far more migrants died than three.

Thomas told Global247news: ‘ I was shocked to see him go as he has all these left-wing morales, which appear to have flown out the window for the sake of a few football matches, I know he talks rubbish a lot of the time, well, in fact,,, all the time, but this is the biggest load of garbage he’s ever posted.

‘No mention of the poor human rights or the treatment of gay people; why’s that? – oh, he wants to watch the World Cup; he’s got more faces than Big Ben, that bloke.

‘My gay friends are disgusted at his stance, and rightly so – he’s sold his leftie soul as it suits’, stormed Thomas.