Strategy games are a great approach to honing your decision-making skills. Discover the top strategy games for players in the Middle East.

Of all game genres, strategy games require you to critically think before making moves against your opponents. The emotions and the fear of failure motivate players to make the best possible choices in games within the category.

In light of this, it is generally agreed that playing such games is a great approach to honing quick decision-making abilities. There are so many excellent strategy games available worldwide. However, in this text, we focus on the top strategy games that are mainly played in the Middle East.

PSI Wars

The effects of psychic abilities on nocturnal activity are explored in Psi Wars. It is a strategy game where you have complete freedom in how you use your psionic, cyber, and physical abilities to attack enemies and protect yourself.

The goal of the game is to eliminate your opponent’s lab and win the game by claiming the world for yourself. You can have a look at 5 gaming tips and tricks to enhance your performance.

In addition, there are four categories of cards to choose from in the game: powers, battle unit, creation unit, and equipment. You can think of creation units as an in-game currency; you will need

them to make new cards. Psi Wars is a mind-blowing visual and intellectual experience due to its 3D cards and superb artwork.


In a game of chess, you try to prevent your king from being captured while attempting to capture the opponent’s king. Checkmating the king renders your rival ineffective and ends the game. Many chess players have a sequence of opening moves committed to memory, which allows them to set up a favorable chain of events.

The game of chess is widely played across the world but was forbidden by the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia. He likened it to table games like roulette and blackjack deeming it a game of gambling.

A few rulers in neighboring Arab countries like Dubai, UAE, and Kuwait share the same idea. However, there are comparison sites that offer the best online casinos in Kuwait where Arab players can access these games. The platform also offers expert reviews on safe gambling and even checks for the latest welcome bonuses.

Chess also features several variants. They include Chess 960, Dice Chess, Handicap Chess, and Shatranj, an older form of the game in the Middle East.


The card game Tic-Tac-Match is a spin-off of the timeless standard tic-tac-toe. Each symbol card features either an ‘X’ or an ‘O,’. Players score points by lining up three of these cards in a sequence in any orientation on a standard 3×3 grid.

Due to double-matching, it is possible to hide cards that are already in the deck. Hence, you no longer have to deal with the annoying knots that can arise in regular Tic Tac Toe games.

Action cards infuse complex strategies into the game. It allows players to switch teams in the middle of a match, discard all of their opponent’s cards, or play two cards in one turn. The game also features a four-player cooperative mode.

Revenge of Sultans

A product of Chinese gaming company, ONEMT Limited, this online real-time strategy game takes you into the heart of the desert. As you establish your empire along the shore of the Mediterranean, you will face intense challenges and fight epic battles for your realm.

In the game, you have been selected as the king of your empire. The game requires you to defend your kingdom by collecting resources and training your troops. It involves building your castle,

upgrading and defending it with turrets, walls and traps. You also build your own army of archers, swordsmen, camel riders, catapults, and other mighty fighters and tools. You can also form an alliance, and play alongside your friends or engage in PvP gameplay.

Freight Simulator

The team at New Games Waves created the videogame Freight Simulator. The game takes on a managerial tone, allowing you to direct a transport firm in a number of different ways.

To get your business up and running you need to invest in trucks, buckets, and staff. You have the option of running the business by yourself and handling all of the organization. You can also employ managers to assist you.