Kavanagh Roofing blocks disabled residents in Yeovil with illegal parking daily.

Kavanagh Roofing, based in Shaftsbury, has caused a storm in the market town of Yeovil, Somerset, by daily flouting the law and parking one or two of their vans illegally on yellow lines.

Now residents have had enough as they contacted Global247news, stating how disabled residents in the area are forced into the road due to the blocked access.

In the area of Everton Road resides many care homes, and those residents on walking aids or in wheelchairs are forced into the road as the roofing van, not only parks on the highly visible yellow line but also onto the pavement.

Access is also denied to the care homes for emergency services as ambulances can’t manoeuvre past the illegally parked van.

Now residents who watch the sufferance of the disabled on a daily basis as they are forced off the pavement say enough is enough and are calling on South Somerset Council to take action.

Witness and resident Maria Slovak told Global247news: ‘ It’s ridiculous as this company daily flouts the law and has no consideration for the disabled persons, especially living nearby; the driver of the van waits until he knows that the traffic wardens have finished work and parks up on the pavement, blocking it totally.

‘An Ambulance couldn’t access the care home the other evening due to the illegal parking, and nobody attempted to move the van.

‘ We have called on the local council now to sort this out, it’s not correct that residents on walking frames are forced into the road and risk getting knocked over as cars take the bend.

‘Sadly, it’s not just Kavanagh Roofing now; others have started copying the parking of the van, leaving 3 or 4 vehicles totally blocking both the pavement and the narrow road; yellow lines are there for a reason,’ she said.

Global247news contacted Kavanagh Roofing regards the situation, but they declined to comment and continue to allow their driver and van to be a hindrance, especially to the disabled.

A South Somerset Council employee has confirmed they will look into the matter and will take action regards the illegal parking.

The employee said, ‘Now we are aware of the situation, we shall take action and request the police to tow away the illegally parked vehicles, as they have done so in the past’.