Ex Pat Estepona Drug Dealer To Face Death Sentence In Dubai

The former Merthyr Tydfil councillor Adam Brown was smuggling class A drugs for the Kinahan cartel, claim Spanish insiders.

Adam Brown, a failed businessman and former councillor of Merthyr Tydfil is currently in jail in Dubai whilst waiting for trial for drug smuggling class A drugs into the country.

Insiders now claim in Spain that he worked lower down the ranks for the Kinahan cartel when arrested.

The Spanish police, who working with the US DEA, have started to take down the cartel in Spain with the arrest of gangster Johnny Morrisey, accused of laundering £300,000 a week for the cartel it’s reported that Brown was one of the operators into Dubai smuggling class A drugs.

Brown had fled to Spain after several failed businesses, leaving thousands in unpaid debts and being banned from the council for erratic behaviours; whilst in Spain, it’s reported from sources that the idea of making money by drug smuggling appealed to the financially broke former businessman.

Brown hooked up with eastern European counterparts with whom he resided in Marbella before both parties moved to Dubai to enforce the smuggling operation.

Several trips to Turkey by Brown were noted whilst he claimed he was in the country for a ‘nose job’ whilst in reality, it’s alleged he was collecting heroin and smuggling it back to Dubai.

Brown was arrested finally at Dubai airport after a collection from the UK and now faces trial in Dubai for drug smuggling offences, where he potentially faces the death penalty.

Although gang leaders are now fully focused on Brown as they fear he may turn ‘supergrass’ in an attempt to escape the strong arm of Dubai law.

An insider in Spain said it’s not gone unnoticed that arrests have been made of gang leaders since Brown’s arrest.

A date has yet to be set for Brown’s trial in Dubai.