GWR staff member threatens to deck the train company’s customers on the floor.

Yesterday customers of  Great Western Railways were stranded at Bristol Temple Meads railway station for several hours due to a points failure in Wales.

Hundreds of travellers were stranded and herded around from platform to platform as GWR staff appeared clueless to what was taking place. After being sent to four different platforms and placed on to two separate trains, eventually, GWR, who were clearly trying a desperate attempt to save cost, sent tired and fed-up passengers to the taxi rank.

Although tempers flared when the railway company changed their mind with most of their customers travelling to Cardiff, they decided to only taxi them to Newport, again in a cost-saving exercise, despite being delayed by several hours.

GWR Chaos At Bristol

When the railway companies complained about this, it turned nasty with one of the company’s railway staff, shouting, ‘ If you don’t like it – tough – make your own way home!’

Shocked passengers could not believe what was happening and being said, one passenger approached the member of staff and asked for his name, to be told, ‘ Sod off, and if you carry on I will deck you on the floor.’

As the customer attempted to take the man’s photograph, he held his hand in front of his face and then turned his back to the camera in an attempt to disguise himself from his actions.

The member of staff then continued to bawl threats to other customers, telling one to ‘Get stuffed’ if he didn’t want a taxi to Newport.

An eyewitness told Global247news, ‘ It was the most shocking customer service I have ever seen. There was a GWR member of staff threatening to beat up passengers.

‘ I was very fortunate; a businessman pulled myself and my brother into a cab along with two other passengers travelling back from holiday, he spoke to the taxi driver and paid the extra to Cardiff, so we didn’t get dumped in Newport. It cost him £50, and he said he is going to take civil action against the train company through his lawyers’

GWR has refused to comment apart from various Twitter comments on where to place complaints.

Global247news are currently trying to trace the kind businessman for comment.