Yeovil businessman claims Southern Western Railway is a company disaster after suffering shocking experiences.

A businessman who commutes all across Europe in relation to his various companies has slammed Southern Western Railway for the worst customer service.

In the last several weeks, the all-important train out of Yeovil Junction that is supposed to leave at 5.15 AM, enabling commuters to reach their desks before office opening, has been cancelled on various occasions due to the train line not being able to find a guard.

On top of Southern Western Railway failing to find guards to run trains out of Yeovil junction, they then herd the passengers on the next train that comes through the station, which starts at Yeovil Pen Mill in the town centre, whilst the commuters have already paid £10-£15 in taxi fares to reach the rural station.

Now several business people have contacted Global247news to express their frustrations and the lack of customer service by Southern Western Railway after the cancellations.

Claims also appear to be near on impossible to make for commuters being delayed, with one businessman claiming the delay section on the train lines is like the ‘Claim’s prevention officer.’

The Twitter account also appears to just fob off customers all to a customer service email address which, according to the train line customers, fails to reply.

Global247news, who have seen evidence of a lack of service, are now to fully investigate customers’ claims and will shortly publish a full report of its findings.