Jordan Hales Smashes Up Odcombe Graveyard As He Goes On Drunken Rampage

Jordan Hales smashed up Odcombe’s graveyard fuelled on booze and drugs as well as attempting to break into an old person’s home.

Jordan Hales from Rex Road Odcombe was detained by police after he rampaged through the village of Odcombe in South Somerset.

According to local reports, Hales was fuelled by drink and drugs as he went on the rampage through the picturesque village between Taunton & Somerset.

He tried to break into a house, smashing a window of a home of a man he had been harassing over a period of time for free cigarettes when no one answered the door; However, Hales was so high on drugs and booze he wasn’t aware the elderly man had moved out due to the yob’s harassment.

The social reprobate also took out his frustrations as he entered Odcombe churchyard as he smashed up graves of deceased villagers, obliterating headstones and flower pots to a scene of total devastation.

The devastation of the village churchyard has caused great pain to family members, whose graves have been severely affected by the idiot’s actions.

Now villagers are so frustrated after the local police released Hales that they are seeking revenge and plan to run Hales out of the village after he caused so much damage and hurt to widows and family members.

“We want him out of the village for good; he’s a social misfit for sure; we watch him going to the end of the road to collect his drugs, but this time he’s gone too far.

“There’s a few of us getting together to ensure he moves out of the village; he is not wanted by anyone here any longer,” one of the villagers told Global247news.

Another resident told how the footage of the attempted bungalow break-in was captured on a door bell with CCTV.

” The police have footage of his actions; they need to bang him up; it’s totally disgusting what he has done, a total disrespect to the dead who families want resting in peace in the graveyard, not being smashed up by a drugged up drunk yob.

“Tracey, his mother, should be ashamed too and take action and get him out of our village before others organise it”, he stormed.