Fraud Nathan Johnson Who Claimed Publicly He Was The Media Manager Of South Shields Football Club Whilst Sitting At Home Claiming Benefits.

A disgraced Merthyr Tydfil Councillor has gone missing in Dubai with reports of him being arrested for drug deals.

Adam Brown a former councillor in Merthyr Tydfil, who was banned eventually by the council is reported to have gone missing in Dubai for allegedly dealing in drugs.

Brown, who moved to the Far East just under 12 months ago after failing to cement a future in Spain, had been presenting a football YouTube show from his apartment in Dubai.

The show known on YouTube as ‘Football With Brownie’ saw its last presentation as he returned from the UK back to Dubai from an airport terminal, since then he has not been heard of anywhere, including all his social media accounts that he used previously on a daily basis.

Now viewers of the show feel that the Dubai authorities have taken action against Brown’s drug claims, that he made on the show.

Furthermore, sources in Dubai have informed Global247news that Brown on arrival back to Dubai was arrested at the airport on landing, the sources allege they saw cops board a plane and take Adam Brown away in handcuffs.

Brown who as previously reported had been bragging on the football show of his drug use and obsession with Russian hookers.

The former councillor had returned to the UK from Spain after being wanted by Spanish landlords chasing him for drug-growing offences as reported at the time.

After a 6 month stint back in his home town of Merthyr Tydfil, he soon fell foul of the UK police as he was cautioned for contacting minors late at night,

Soon afterwards he departed to Dubai to catch up with his Eastern European counterparts who he had resided within Spain’s drug capital of Estepona.

Clearly taking no notice of the strict Dubian laws, Brown was quickly bragging about his association with drugs live on his show.

Viewers at the time couldn’t understand how he was funding his lifestyle, whilst having no employment since being fired from a hotel porter job in Cardiff.

One viewer said: ” He was always bragging on his show about his drug activities and travelling a lot to places such as Turkey and eastern European countries like Belarus.

“He wasn’t working and openly admitted when arriving in Dubai he was broke, I and others couldn’t understand how he financed his lifestyle, now I think it’s quite obvious”

Meanwhile, a former employer of Brown in Spain, says he’s not surprised at all, Steve Day who employed Brown before firing him at Oak Land Furniture Spain told Global247news,

” None of it surprises me at all, he’s a pathological liar who doesn’t know the truth from his ass to his elbow, I gave him a chance in Spain as he was desperate to get away from the UK, I fired him 3 months later, I caught him cheating the business for his own gain.

“He moved down to Marbella and was hanging out with an Eastern European drug gang, they moved on to Dubai and Brown followed, the bloke is a complete liar and clown, I do hope they have caught up with him and hang him, to be honest, he’s a horrible piece of human trash quite frankly”

Brown who avidly used social media as well as presenting shows daily, has not used social media since his arrival back to Dubai, sources in the Arab state alleged he’s currently in jail in Dubai awaiting trial.

Dubian law states the death penalty is applied for drug offences.

Currently, one UK prisoner is serving 16 years for the possession of CBD oil in Dubai.